Boing Boing Gift Guide 2015


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$17-25 headphones as outperforming $1,000 earbuds… I go through five sets of earbuds a month

Cory has a $100/month headphone habit?


Isn’t today Buy-Nothing Friday?


This post is displaying all kinds of code-ish garbage in blog view.


before he had a USD5000/month bad habit : D [explains all the affiliate links]


Should be fixed, now.


That’s just because of the super copper cables.


All the links to “Real Wax Flameless Candles w/Auto Timer” point back to the Gift Guide, not to the Amazon page.


There is no “Real Wax Flameless Candles w/Auto Timer.” It’s a metaphor for the simulated warmth you’ll feel clicking on curated Amazon links, and the waxy sense of accomplishment you’ll get at having knocked off your gift-buying in one barrage of clicks. The “auto timer” is a sort of memento mori, reminding you that death will inevitably follow no matter how many advertorial blurbs or sponsored reviews you click on.

Pretty deep, huh? Who says there’s no noncommercial content on BoingBoing anymore?


I was all set to buy nothing, then I realized I was out of coffee. Scotched that plan right quick.


Does that include ramen? My kid wants some ramen… (but I think that buy-nothing friday is a great idea that got more support, actually, especially here).


Fixed them.


I’m totes buying things today. Down at the pub, in an hour and a half, I shall wildly exclaim, “pour me a pint of your finest black ale!”

To which David, the proprietor, will mutter, “fucking hell HE’S back again.”


Maybe he gives them out to those obnoxious people who talk on speakerphone all the time in public?


Well I’m not the judge. I don’t get paid enough to be a judge.


It’s a longtime tradition for me, but someone is going to have to buy milk. Oh well.


They better have gold plated connectors, and a braided outer sheath, and all of the molecules aligned the right way…


Warm sound particles, too!


Well, I’ll just feel like a class traitor and we can call it even! I mean, I looked at the copy of Adbustsers on the shelf at the grocery store, does that count?

(BTW, I hope you know I’m just teasing and I totes agree about less consumerism!)


I bought a half gallon of Lactaid. That doesn’t count, right?