Boing Boing Gift Guide 2013


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The link to the Astronaut duvet set is

It has .20% instead of .nl

Fixed – thanks!

For a different kind of present, why not go for an audiobook or four at
These books are based in the Elite universe, if you do not know anything about it, I suggest you have a look at the various links and trailers.

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LOVE the big forum button! Thank you!

Had the breadmaker - it’s a winner.
Got the original Roku. Haven’t even looked at cable in many moons now.

BB’s list rocks. Solved virtually ALL my shopping list questions in 5 minutes flat. Selfie dolls for the little ones, baby wrap for their 'rents, and puzzles for all of their adorable engineer brains. 'droid Odor detector for all. Phillips lighting for moi.

Other than that, Radioshack has a nice selection of metal detectors averaging around $100. Nice for the little boy and his dad to enjoy the beaches in pirate-y nerd fashion in the off-season.

Yay. All done!

I love the idea for the selfie dolls, but they are very pricey. Any other hints for little ones, like nephews and nieces, that’s not going to break the bank?

Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant - 55 Gallon Drum



Disclaimer: I work for JoyLabz
Seriously though: MaKey MaKey ???

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Suggestion: could you link back to the original Boing Boing article (if it exists) for each item? The summaries are okay, but for some items I want to go back to read the longer article.

UPDATE: okay, they’re there for some of them. Others have links to the company, or Amazon, or wherever. So, I’m modifying my suggestion to ask that every one of them include a link to the BB article and to the company/Amazon/where-to-get it stuff.

In regard to the writeup of the iPod Shuffle with its physical controls as being “essential for joggers, drivers, cyclists and anyone else smart enough to know that touchscreens will kill them”, surely being distracted by any sort of media player outside a controlled environment like a gym is probably not a great idea, particularly for the joggers and cyclists who would not only have to fiddle with controls but be wearing earphones…

Regarding: Everyday Raw Detox, Only your liver and kidneys (mostly your liver) can detox your body. No food or supplement and perform this task. Sure, stopping putting crap into your body and eating healthy food is generally a good idea, but claiming it as “detox” is baloney.


With regards to the Paperwhite With Offers the ads are only on the lock screen and 99% of the time they are for books. Far from pervasive and possibly helpful


I came to the BBS just to say that.

Detox if for drugs, not food!

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I supported the kickstarter and have a MaKey MaKey. It works great as advertised. Haven’t made the grand invention I wanted it for in the first place yet but I can recommend it.

I know, the “detox” part is an overused marketing term. The recipes in the book are great, and healthful, and yummy. I have posted “diet” books here which present a similar conundrum – I don’t believe in “diets,” either. Ignore the word in the title, and just enjoy the book contents, which are great for people who want to find ways to incorporate more simple and delicious plant-based foods into their lives, elegantly.

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Not all of the suggestions have been blogged before, alas.

Also wanted to say, I really like this list this year. They’re always good, but this one seems deeper, more unique, and more eccentric than usual. Several things I will probably actually get to give as gifts, and a bunch of stuff I’m interested in for myself of course :wink: A few things that haven’t been blogged here before were already on my wish list - great minds think alike, obviously.

I think part of it is that this year, certain gadget types have reached near-perfection - ranging from expensive laptops and cameras to the wall-charger battery thing and other relatively inexpensive stuff. Lots of great stuff out there right now!

I humbly suggest Moleskine Watercolor notebooks: Best sketchbook I’ve found, takes watercolor, acrylic, marker, ink, and charcoal without blinking an eye. The texture of the paper is subtle and not too uneven for finer drawings. Paper is double-sided and the binding is awesome as usual. (I gave this on my xmas list to three different relatives, if they all buy me one I’ll be totally okay with that.)

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For extra fun combine this gift with the volcano dust!