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I have never been more disappointed in Boing Boing! It’s not a Boing Boing Christmas without a 50 gallon drum of lube!



I can’t believe we omitted the lube.

I shall restore it post haste

EDIT: It has been restored. Stocking stuffers, obviously.



Sanity has been restored! Thanks for saving Christmas, Rob!


I’m not sure I can get behind a classification system that labels any gift larger than a human foot as a “stocking stuffer.”


Alas “Stucking stuffers and commercial lubricants” would play hell with the layout.


Maybe they could add this to the list? Who wouldn’t want one?


I’m sorry to be that guy, but the first line in the books gift guide contains the word out where I believe our was intended.


A 50 gallon drum is bigger than my whole body.



Shh. You don’t want to give your enemies any ideas.



As much as I mock the store I really have a fun time skimming the gift guide.


Good thing then they didn’t include any bad dragons on the stocking stuffer page.

ETA: don’t google that on a work computer.


Don’t be ridiculous; I am ‘the one who knocks…’


There is a bad luckdragon, though.


You know you have one of those when you spill your 50 gallon drum of lube right before the in-laws arrive.

ETA: Nice list this year. If anyone needs me I will over here in my wolf crotch underwear playing with my Tamagotchi and talking with my friend the Sleestak.


It’s amazing how you can pick out @beschizza’s contributions.

Also, no pens? Between @jlw and @frauenfelder, I’d have expected at least one.

EDIT: OH, I just realized, they have their names next to their suggestions. My point still stands.


So you were dead-on balls accurate with all of Rob’s picks?


I didn’t test myself or anything, but the pyramid and wolf-underwear made the Geiger counter in my brain go off. The tumbler in that section, not so much, but in retrospect, it should have.


I don’t care what their documentation says it is called it is a waffle-iron.

The person using the iron is the waffle-maker.


Why, pray tell, is there not a coffee table book of Beschizza eye-mouth shoops?