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I’ve been thinking about it but, well, we do all have to choose what we are remembered for


Pretty sure it’s already too late for that.


I’ll always remember this:



Pretty sure the future will have a life size statue of you, with eye-mouths, standing on a locked safe. It will be glorious.


I have one thing to say:

You. Better Toke.


Good for stuffing more than just stockings! :rofl:






I’m afraid the link to Amazing Tales (in Toys) is broken. This is particularly distressing to me as I’m the author. Could you link it to ?




You know, Gift Guide always reads a bit odd when German is your first language.


I’m amused he picked a vibrator, but definitely 50 gallon drum of lube would be good. Also On a serious note if sex toys were to be recommended, because why shame healthy sexual habits? Then recommend Oh Joy Sex Toy’s recent book Drawn to Sex - The Basics by Erika Moen


Hi, Martin. The link’s fixed now.


Puts the fire in the fireplace. :stuck_out_tongue:


All right. Come clean. Kottke claims that he recommends the 55-gallon drum of lube every year. Is he copying you, or are you copying him, or is it just a mysterious coincidence?

Every year I “recommend” this 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant because why would anyone actually buy this? (Have any of you ever bought this? Report back, please!)


Xeni has traditionally added the lube to all gift guides here, but let the item drop this year. A user called for it to return and Rob obliged.

I believe the item is a universal amazon gag item with fun reviews. I doubt anyone can claim provenance, but…

If you can get XOXO to host a panel, and supply enough jello for the wrestling pit, Xeni and Kottke can settle this in the old way.


The loser gets to be banished into Rob’s safe.






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