Christmas Shopping Blues

Having a bit of trouble with Christmas shopping nowadays. I used to love it, and seemed to be pretty good at picking out what people might want. But for the last few years, it’s just been meh. People ask what I want and I’ve got nothing. Try to think what they might want, and I’ve got nothing.

Maybe just coincidence, but it’s been a few years since I cut cable and started using ad-blockers. I don’t listen to broadcast radio anymore. So I don’t see Christmas episodes of shows or hear Christmas music unless I seek them out in the streaming services. I see lists of stuff online (including here), but my mind views them like something out of They Live - “Generic consumer good #47 that you should buy. Consume. Obey.”

I’m not looking for gift suggestions, just wondering if anybody else feels the same way and whether it happens to map to changes in media/advertising consumption? Does seeking out Christmas music/shows/movies bring back the Christmas spirit, or does it need the ads?


My Xmas spirit has long evaporated.

I don’t so much mind the lists of random crap to buy posted here, they can be weird and sometimes give me ideas for projects. But the lists posted elsewhere, and the Xmas shows, music and all the other crap that goes with it, I could easily live without.


Hey man, have you taken a look at the 2016 boing boing gift guide? Not even saying this ironically. It’s solid!


I slowly brought my family around to no gifts(kids excluded, they still love it too much). Too much shit, too much stress. After several years of them not listening when I suggested no gifts, I just stopped giving gifts. “Hi, I’m here! This is your gift!” Birthdays-holidays, we all have too much stuff. It took time but after getting bupkiss from me for awhile they stopped giving me stuff I didn’t need, as well!

I’ll give gifts, but it’s when and if I find something meaningful. Doesn’t matter what time of year, and doesn’t happen every year, but come on, we’re not eight anymore.


Nah - get back to basics. Short-circuit the whole marketed junk schtick, and just decide if / how you want to participate.

I have a few people (like … my kids) I want to get something special for, so I’m basically periscope up during the year. I find by August at the latest I’ve got something pinned, and enjoy having it tucked away hidden in the secret places, anticipating the fun / surprise / wonder.

I kind of approach the whole event with a Willy Wonka spirit (Wilder, not Depp). It’s got to be done, and so make it fun! I have random nephews and nieces who occasionally benefit from unwrapped and simple largesse, like an old guitar.

The Christmas spirit can be found in a bottle. Or, more healthily, just getting it on the way you like.

Staying away from stores and marketing is a very solid plan.

I picked up a couple of stocking fillers today while on errands, and by gum, did I watch the population at large freaking out about it all.

Generally, unless they’re spoiled silly, people just want time with you and get super happy with a token that you recalled them during the year. Make stuff! I’m headed down to an uncle and aunt with my guitar to show what I learned these past couple years - they’ll love it! Well; maybe.


The past couple of years, we’ve started to shift to giving candy/sweets of some kind, a card drawn by my daughter, and some cash maybe. The kids get stuff, with my family, too, but that’s about it.

This year, I’m making cookies, too.


I volunteer to cook all the holiday meals and help get things ready. That, and I make sure all the bottles of wine have a little missing so nobody feels self-conscious about being first.


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