Join us for Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder!

Not for another few years, if ever. Besides having to travel to the Bay Area, it is such a mob scene now that the effort of parking, waiting on lines, and getting around on the grounds overshadows any benefit. It is difficult to engage with anyone.

I still enjoy the local (Portland) Mini Maker Faire.

The lineup so far is in areas outside of my comfort zone, but I’d be piqued to know which jerks like y’all fine gentlepersons intend to attend.

You got me - I’m in. Plus, it was either this or the Reddit Weekend of Race-baiting, Porn, and Snuff films.

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Won’t be able to make it, but I’m curious: with the BB Ford Transit Connect be making an appearance?

Not that we know of. It is in the care of top men.

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Top. Men.

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