Boing Boing Ingenuity: Vaudeville for Happy Mutants!


This is a bit of a self serving comment as I am an artist, but I think perhaps if this event is repeated, it would be excellent to organize an art exhibit as well. Boing is always featuring really wonderful artist from around the world and I think a BoingBoing Flavored art exhibition would be a wonderful addition to an event like this. I know I have been introduced to and certainly am now in contact with quite a few artists because of this blog and seeing the work all in one place, in person, would be quite interesting.


This is all quite tantalizing, but isn’t it cutting it a little close on the “letting the mutants know if and how we might attend” thing? I live in the area and I’d love to go but it would be nice to know if I’ve got a realistic enough shot at scoring an invite to bother leaving the weekend open.

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If I can get a ticket, I’ll be there. How do we prove that we’re actually happy mutants? Does the fact that I went to a Star Trek convention at the same Masonic temple back in 1995 count?

Is the venue the Regency on Van Ness Ave?

Yes, the venue is the Lodge at the Regency Center.

Art exhibition is a great idea and something I’ve wanted to do for years! Hopefully someday…

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Let me know if it ever gets closer to being a reality, I’d like to be involved if I can help.

David, if an art show is ever in the works, please let me know, I’d love to be involved if I can help.

Oh, thank you! We’d love to make that happen someday. I appreciate your offer.

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