10 cool things so far at Boing Boing: Ingenuity


This is the second overly nerdy comment I’ve made today, but Hugh Howey’s Wool novels dealt with lethal nanobots, not nuclear weapons, so what does fallout have to do with them?

Don’t worry, @pesco . Your password (Lux30) is safe with us.

This was the coolest event I missed this year so far!

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That was quite a parade of amazing nerds on that stage today - inspiring. Here’s the full set of drawings: http://bit.ly/16VAHB9

If I’d known I could have received a free pencil at the event, I would have attended. Darn.

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Thank you to the BB team and everyone involved for putting on such a wonderful event. Venue was outstanding! Thanks to Ford for sponsoring.

Ruh oh. My name is spelled wrong. And I’m still psyched to be on this list :blush:

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