Wool author Hugh Howey shares his favorite tools

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/07/30/wool-author-hugh-howey-shares.html

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I’m sailing right now! In a bar…

So we’re all cool with Hugh Howey’s reported misogyny now? It’s honestly hard for me to keep track, though by no means am I disappointed with Boing Boing. Absolutely NOT. I just live in a constant state of confusion.

No idea about Hugh Howey, but I always get confused when Boing Boing alternates Corey’s anti-DRM writings with articles extolling the virtues of some Kindle model and recommendations for Amazon-published DRMed ebooks.

Multiple contributors who can’t quite agree on who their enemies are?


What does his misogyny have to do with what gadgets he finds useful in his unusual choice of lifestyle? You wouldn’t dismiss Erwin Rommel’s book on military strategy on account of his friendly relationship with Hitler, or piss on the Declaration of Independence because Jefferson owned slaves. Obviously gadget recommendations don’t rise to the level of importance of those documents, but they have just as little to do with their authors’ ethical failings.


I know, right?

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