Check out some of Donald Bell's favorite tools

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The book looks truly interesting. Going to have to order me a copy.

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It’s a pretty good introduction to how electronics works, though very goofy. I’m surprised it’s still available after 20-odd years.

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Jesus Christ, can we get a NSFW warning here? Some of us don’t appreciate droids gallivanting around their disgusting insides for the maker and all to see.


New copy and everything. I have to wonder whether they’re digitizing it too as there’s a kindle preview option.

I do not think that word acronym means what you think it means.

Not Safe For…


It isn’t safe for wookiees. They have a long and sordid history with droids.


I massively second the recommendation for the Manfroto Magic Arm. I use them for projectors, which are fairly heavy, and its never nudged an inch.

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Of course! I shoiuld have guessed!
Must need more coffee. :smile:

I like the USB cable with the off-switch. By now I must have a dozen or so devices1) that are ‘always on’ despite not needing to be for a valid reason.

1) Okay, for most of that tittle tattle ‘device’ is a big word.

Also, Manfrotto gear; always a good choice.

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