Soonish: exciting technologies on the horizon, with excitement-preserving nuance


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Kelly and Zach Weinersmith’s Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything is an exceptional science book: it concerns itself with ten(ish) coming technologies that hold enormous, potentially world-changing promise (and peril), and it delves into each of those subjects with admirable depth, including all the caveats and unknowns, and still keeps the excitement intact.


Potatoshop: when you absolutely must turn every image you edit into a photo of potatoes.


I think Potatoshop is what Rob Beschizza uses for his photo editing; that’s why his pictures are all about the eyes.





As fond as I am of SMBC, I can’t help but think that within the space of a few years, most of the book will be redundant as lines of research fail to live up to their potential, or at least go careening off in unexpected directions.



So which provides a better entertainment value, reading it now, or reading it in a few years?


Bought it on preorder, and I can say (as an SMBC fan, so obviously there’s some selection bias there) that I enjoyed it a lot. The oddball nota benes at the end of the chapters can be bizarrely delightful - the one with Saddam Hussein’s planned super space cannon (no, really) is my personal favorite.

Also note that there’s an AR app you can download for free that projects a space elevator above the book. Minor bonus, but my kids and wife really got a kick out of it.


Looking forward to editing out that defective chromosome and having a nice brace of X’s.


Any place to get a non-Kindle e-book version?


Pretty sure you can get it from B&N and Kobo soon, if not already. Sadly, no chance of buying a non-DRM ebook. I asked Zach directly and he said the primary publisher won’t do it.


Is the publisher on Apples book store? I’ll get it there if it is.

Ah - it is. I’m getting it.


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