Boing Boing's Happy Mutant Mobile: the creation continues!


Anything? then I suggest the following:


hahah! that’s awesome.

Is there room in the van to put in a tap filled with Anchor Steam, or do you need a liquor license for that (and a designated driver)? :wink:

yeah, Megas XLR was pretty cool. I suppose it’s a good thing it ended early; it was never around long enough to run out of ideas.

Or cover it LEDs like this Karaoke RV and some speakers for roadside fun.
Maybe through in an FM transmitter, so folks stuck in traffic can sing along!

I found this album in a pile of vinyl and immediately thought of the Boing Boing mobile.


I love this so much, Pat.


If there’s a 3D printer, I think a miniature of the Boing Boing Happy Mutant Mobile should be one of the presets.
A 3D scanner (perhaps photo booth style, could be folding/tent) would be a nice companion to the 3D printer.

When I read unicorn horn soft serve, I thought the unicorn’s horn would be the cone dispenser.
Maybe an ice cream truck style sound system with music box versions of music featured on Boing Boing, or ukulele versions of classic ice cream truck songs—robotic ukulele player? Or some sort of passenger seat PA/radio/webcast system, possibly with a mounted or glove compartment ukulele.

Pull a trailer with couches, theater seating (for watching whatever integrated screen, as others have suggested), or a bouncy castle. Possibly folding for a smaller trailer.

Something passively interactive on the exterior that can be used when the van is parked, even if it’s not “set up”, e.g. a book exchange library or free store in an unlocked display case in the side and rear doors.

Presumably it will have an open wifi server allowing links to all the naughty web sites that the local jurisdiction might disapprove of. And lots of cameras to take photos of the local environment, no matter what the mall police say, and no cameras to take photos of people, because that would be big brotherish.

Love it! Do you do freelance illustration work? Didn’t spot any mention of it on your site! Or are you smart and just produce your own content?

Fun ideas, everyone! Thanks!

And yes Kinscore, the magazine/book rack is seen in the top illustration here:

So there is. I interpreted that as only being accessible/visible when the van is set up for display, and I thought something that invited passers-by to interact even if the van is just parked and not set up would be fun, though I suppose there are potential down-sides to such a thing. The illustrated display rack is said to be behind the door—I think having it only in the window and making the window openable from the outside or open when the van is parked, or enlarging the window to show the whole thing (and perhaps some graphics welcoming passers-by to open/take) would be more inviting? Perhaps the passenger side and rear windows would be most effective for this (accessible while parked at a curb or in a stall) while using about the same total volume as one full side door.

This is going to be based on the wagon, with windows, not the van, with sheet metal window-substitute panels, right?

I don’t pick up a lot of freelance illustration projects but if you’ve got something especially fun or meaningful, I’d be happy to consider it. Email is pat at alaskarobotics.

Fun AND meaningful? Tall order, but noted :slight_smile: