Boing Boing's Happy Mutant Mobile: Submit your ideas!


3d printer
glitch/lowrez mini display fed from bb flickr pool
offline wikipedia device
origami paper & instructions

We had talked about a 3D printer in our plan! Great minds, etc. The mini display fed from the BB Flickr pool is also a fantastic idea. Thanks!

A banana. Just to look at.


A kit full of shiny tools. CORPORATE TOOLS.

I kid. I love you guys, and I know running this blog ain’t free.


Do not change the overall proportions of the vehicle so that it no longer resembles or can no longer be easily be identified as a Ford Transit Connect.

Well shoot, there goes my idea.

  1. Speakers which flip up out of the roof for some of that excellent music that Boing-Boing curates (and maybe an audio version of the Brain Rot Hip-Hop history?). Properly weatherstripped and rainproofed of course (sorry, Dad and brothers used to build limos and do custom work so I’m trying to make sure I cover the build quality issue). Perhaps Ford has installed / will install the Sync system to allow the music to be voice-controlled?
  2. Strip of (LED/OLED/video) signage around the top which streams tweets or FB posts like a Times Square news display
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I think the decapitations might be even more of a problem.

And fresh cold-press coffee.

OK… Sorry for the verbosity but any design undertaken well needs bones in my not so humble opinion.

Short version: “It’s bigger on the inside”
Longer idea:
You want something with a foot print but stretches outside of its bounds. You want the biggest bang for the buck. That means your Happy Mobile Mutant mobile is something that will unpack itself, or unfurl if you will, when it reaches it’s destination. If you want to, channel origami or go for a simple system of slide racks and compartments that would be my idea.

A base mod would allow for a large slide out (or an upper/lower slide out) from the back. Modify the rear side doors with scissor doors (I know, it’s overdone but to maximize without a sliding door you need to get the door OUT of the way, and lambo doors are an easy replacement of the hinge, doesn’t change the look of the vehicle.) Slide outs from the side allow for more compartments and options. Rig up a cabling harness that runs out to all of the boxes for power/data distribution. Remove the spare tire (so last century, Road Side Assistance… say no more… You are not going off road with this baby) and fill the compartment with deep cycle batteries to power an inverter. You are going to power an inverter as much as you can, though a back up generator may not be a bad idea.

OK. So I have a jack in the box ready to with pull out compartments and an power/data distribution system to each box… Now what?

Now you have a platform. Much like the Apple was awesome in its day in that it had an expandable bus this rig can now be locked and loaded with modules to serve different needs. It doesn’t need to be a one trick pony, you can design lock and load modules to cater to the need much like a pizza delivery rig can carry pizza cargo but the specific deliciousness depends on the need.

Rear Module Idea’s – (pretty predictable I suppose)
3d printer
3d scanner
Craft station
Video recording/editing station
Explore MoCap (Kinect) / Animatronics and 21st century puppetry
Module with multiple drones for an exploration of real world surveillance (good and the bad)
Deployable sensors with a base station for a real world science experiment.
Science station (beakers, test strips, for real world science display.)

Side Module’s:
Creative Common’s media station
Audio recording station (Radio plays and Dramatic Reads)
Music Mashup station (Beatbox BABY!!)
Radio station for … a day…

Combo – Rear module and side module interact
A rear module holds the drones and the side modules provide the control stations for a real time / real world data collection project.

Last but not least the top of the vehicle.
Projectors, sound system and FM broadcast short range. Perhaps not Guerrilla drive in theater but it does allow for the vehicle to be a media central point for a video demonstration.
Another option for the top of the vehicle is a compartment to hold something inflatable, again small space huge impact, whether it’s your favorite mutant (you did want Happy Mutant Mobile) or simply a deployable canopy.

By focusing on a frame work and modules you allow the vehicle to be re-tasked or expanded without expending more money. I’m a theater geek so to be fair this comes from theater. Major shows use the space but literally will tear down and rebuild the theater to their specs for a long running show. Theater’s are by design modular to allow re-use and reduce the cost to travelling shows. Fly space, drops, battons, sound system, even a compartmentalized stage with removable floors maximum the use of the space without costly reconstruction. Budget in a few base modules and an awesome paint scheme and then allow for collobartion on the modules. Figure each module can be fed AC Power, CAT 5, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio jack. This will allow the module to handle a myriad of possibilities and have the ability to connect to the backbone infrastructure of the vehicle.

Save the passenger seat for a central hub. Chances are anything installed will need a central point (think server console, audio controls, video controls, etc.) That will be installed in the passenger side. If you do it right (think server with a control console) it could be as simple as 10 cable in’s and 1 tablet to interface the built in server.

Last thoughts. Besides the power system, and of course a network system, I would recommend a wifi hub and a server to boot to allow a system to control all of the built in pieces or even integrate additional modules. Like an automation server. I am not sure why the original post was talking about books and zines, I’d recommend a media store of things you could distribute or possible media that could be sold. If you want to have a few dead tree-phlets to hand out I suppose you could but you are wasting space. 2TB’s of media is much more usuable.

Have fun!!!


Well obviously in real life everyone would also be wearing steampunk racing helmets.


Cory’s going to need his cape and goggles.


Something something Arduino steampunk banana ukulele.


It has to have at least some solarpanels on the roof to power some equipment such as the excellent

COOL TOOLS, definitely.

Can you use some of my mutant faces for your happy mutant mobile? Examples here. I can provide strong magnets to attach them anywhere you like. If stolen, I can provide more.

Headlight Video Projector:
Turn any wall or building into a insta-drive-in for: Live Skype interviews, movies, ukelele videos, and all other mutant approved media. You could also point the projector at the open road while driving, for some awesome/awful results, just don’t sue me.

Interactive Bumper Sticker:
Cut out a panel of the bumper in the shape of a bumper sticker, stick in an LED screen, and let users broadcast their own “Interactive Bumper Stickers” via social media.

Unicorn Chaser:
With a nice wooden stick, dangle an unobtrusive stuffed unicorn in front of the car, like you would a carrot for a donkey.

Cthulhu Car Emblem:
Shiny and metalic, like the Jesus fish.

Dungeons and Dragons Fuzzy Dice:
20 sided fuzzy ones.

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Wow! Those are neat!

Yeah, these ideas are fantastic. Keep 'em coming and thank you!!!

Solar powered BBQ & popcorn maker.