Boing Boing: Ingenuity, August 17-18, S.F


Why are you stealing the Ontario Science Center logo?

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Just looked. Not the same logo. Centre, please!

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Awesome! Looking forward to hearing more about the events.

That we can’t attend, since it’s invitation only!

Who says? Invite only just means you have to get an invite. Maybe we can get an invite :smile:

I’m just here in the corner with my lawn seat and popcorn waiting for the first person to complain about getting money for blogging and how they don’t like Ford.

You know, I don’t think we’ve ever had a good Ford vs. Chevy flame war on BB.

Nope, I’m more here for the “I don’t like these ads disguised as posts” crowd. I’ve missed the first rumblings, but this is as good a spot as any to watch the rest of the complaints.

You like butter on your popcorn?

They seem to be taking their time today.

And yes on the butter.

We will share how to get an invite as soon as we are done setting up the 7 trials.

Ready when you are.

We’re going for this but Ken is having a hard time getting the lights to work with our loadbalancers.

You’re not going to get an invite with that attitude, sir.

on the stage of a former Masonic Lodge.

Former. Riiiiiiiiiight. We see your plan Illuminati!

Hey guys! I’m the artistic director at Ingenuity Cleveland. I think someone else had talked about this ‘ripping off’ our fest. I think it’s probably a case of like-minding people finding the same cool movements and synergies around the country. In September we’ll be showcasing Makers, Artists and performers over three days in two abandoned warehouses on the industrial lakefront. We hosted a [Mini Maker Faire][2] in April and something called [Bal Ingenieux][3] in May.

In any case, I would love to connect with other like-minded events happening all over the country. There’s a huge amount of energy in Cleveland and other places for this kind of event and we’d love to share that.

This sounds like a great event and would love to learn more about it.

Drop me a line


Thanks for that, James. And you are correct. Total uncanny coincidence. Ingenuity Cleveland looks like a great festival. I’m from Cincinnati so nice to see cool stuff happening in Ohio!

I sort of… doubt it. We’re probably not happy mutant enough. (i.e internet famous enough) Have a suspicion that this particular party is only for blogosphere heavies. (Except of course Violet Blue)

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