Boing Boing Ingenuity: Win free tickets!


Well shucks. I live in the SF East Bay and would love to attend the Ingenuity event. I consider myself worthy and cool enough to attend. Unfortunately, to win a free ticket means I must accept a notorious productivity and ingenuity degrading parasite into my brain: Twitter. Hmmm. Darn. I guess I won’t be attending. Whoever arranged the ticket contest is probably not familiar with the Twitter irony. A bit of reading of Douglas Rushkoff’s “Present Shock” is recommended here. Keep up the generally great work, Boingers.

While this could be an interesting event to attend, making the tickets available primarily through a shameless social marketing scheme seems unlike Boing Boing and thoroughly reprehensible.

Follow boingboing on Twitter and tweet as though you’re linking a story, not participating in a contest? I would think Boing Boing better than buying Twitter followers and references in tweets…


It would be tactless to gloat that I’ve got my ticket already. But I am anyway.

Does anyone else find a big disconnect between contests which should be “no purchase necessary” to enter, and demands for public social media shilling - something that very much delivers value?

“Oh no, you don’t have to purchase anything, but you do have to come down to our offices and work for us, free, for a day.”


Hey, @boingboing, what are you up to? Huh? Are we there yet? Hey, where are you going‽

Looks like this contest has reduced the number of #happymutants.

Now, a contest to win tickets plus airfare and a stay at a hotel, that would really be something worth some social media shilling.

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