I'm joining the campaign to deactivate my Twitter account on August 17

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But all the cool kids are doing it!


It would be nice to see this gain momentum. I don’t really go to twitter for much, and not to facebook at all. I come here.


You only just now noticed?


i only use twitter to follow people in formula one racing and some musicians that i like… and a handful of atheist activists… only with them do i see anything toxic… and that’s uncommon.

oh, and i follow two real-life friends.

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I wish I had a Twitter account to kill in support of this, but I killed mine almost two years ago because of seeing the widespread abuse and Twitter’s complete disinterest in applying their own “rules” evenly. It’s been clear for a long time that Twitter not only condones abuse but pretty much encourages it with the way they do impose bans (often not on the people who need to be banned, but on the people who complain about how Twitter doesn’t enforce their rules). I only followed a handful of people and they were all awesome and interesting - I miss Twitter way, way more than I miss Facebook. But I won’t go back. I can’t support such a vile service. At this point I don’t even know what they could do to prove to me that they aren’t awful anymore. Kill it with fire?


Right on Mark!


Good for you @frauenfelder! I don’t have an account, but even if I did it’s obviously a bigger thing for someone like you who is in the media business to get out.


I never really used mine at all, and now I’m not really certain whether I may have, in fact, already deleted it. I can’t get in with any email address or username that I’d have feasibly used.


Here’s an alternative if you think leaving Twitter is too drastic. Does it make sense?


Why wait? I just dumped mine. I actually forgot I had one. I deleted Facebook years ago. Life is better.


Twitter, facebook and similar sites remind me of the vile hate written on restroom walls in years past. Sometimes necessity made the sleazy restrooms useful. Since I can’t even get relief from these kind of places I’ve never seen any need to go there. Taking a leak in my backyard also helps keep the deer out of my garden. Kind of a no brainer for me.


Am I the only one that finds a bit of hypocrisy in the various anti-Facebook and anti-twitter posts (which I agree with and find informative), and yet there is still “share” on fb and twitter buttons on this site (presumably with embedded trackers)?

So you’re not personally going to participate in those forums, but you’re ok with using them to drive traffic (and presumably revenues) for this site?


Yep, I stopped My FarceBook on April 1st.
I feel I still need a place to talk to my friends and meet new ones. But truth be known, Twitter can be a big time suck.
Oh, dear is Google+ next?


Y’know, D-Day was not the day Allied forces told Germany it had 30 days to clean up its act or else.

As a Twitter user, you have exactly one, extremely low-valued card to play, which is that you can delete your account. If you make it clear that you value your account far more than Twitter themselves do, you’re not exactly negotiating from a position of strength.

The way to actually get (a tiny amount of) their attention would be to delete your account, permanently, now, and wait for them to come back with something you want to be part of, understanding that they probably never will.


I find FB a lot more utilitarian than Twitter, including for keeping track of upcoming events. I’d kill my Twitter account first, that is, if I ever used it in the first place.


my motto is, “Be the twitter you want to see,” not “quit and admit defeat,” personally.

EDIT: that being said, i AM going to go silent on my feed on the 15th, which is another movement going around.


As far as I can tell, they don’t let you actually delete your account immediately, just this deactivate bull(4 letter word). That’s chicken(4 letter word).

And honestly, I’d add @realDonaldTrump to the accounts that need to get sanctioned for me to come back.


Back 1981, I called my message bulletin program WALL. I could see where this was going. :sunglasses:


Good for you Mark. I have a Twitter account but in ten years I’ve only tweeted a few times, mostly to complain to my ISP.

My favorite response to Dorsey’s defending Jones by saying he hasn’t violated their rules came from Kara Swisher. She wants Dorsey to stop talking about Twitter’s rules and tell us about Twitter’s values:

Let me say that I have nothing but admiration for the long-suffering trust and safety team at Twitter, which has been tasked with the Sisyphean job of controlling humanity and scaling civility, armed only with some easily gamed and capriciously enforced rules. How are these people supposed to do that when the company has provided them with no firm set of values?

Values would require that Twitter make tough calls on high-profile and obviously malevolent figures, including tossing them off as a signal of its intent to keep it civil.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/08/opinion/twitter-alex-jones-jack-dorsey.html