Giveaway! The Art of Rube Goldberg


Oh well I guess us non-Facebook Neanderthals aren’t eligible…

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It does say you can do it via e-mail.

Never mind - when I did it, it did demand my Facebook ID.

And that does seem to work.

I still need to investigate whether there’s an easy way to set up one-time, limited-lifespan userIDs for this purpose. I don’t know enough about mail routing.

Though frankly, most such things get replied to with something like not-a-chance@heck.bozo – I’m willing to submit the vote, but since the odds of winning are negligible there’s no good reason to encourage them to contact me.

For every like the BoingBoing facebook page gets, BB will donate $0.10 (CAN) to feed a hungry Maker!

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