The Google Gadget Giveaway

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Yes. I’m dying to watch sick movies. Please give me mad Google so I can watch sick movies.

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Is this just a BoingBoing giveaway, or is it across all sites that use your store?


Wouldn’t let me enter without a Facebook login. nope nope nope

Is there an AD only BoingBoing I could just save time by avoiding?

You seem to have misspelled “email address”

Ah. Now I see that a BBS account here is not the same as an account at the Boing Store.

So it’s sign up for FB or make a new account at Boing Store, even though Boing already has an active account for me. And I’m not even making a purchase.

Maybe I just need to GTFO, but I think that was a poor choice in the design phase of this competition.

Their store is a thinly disguised Stack store, so it’s definitely all about driving people over to sign up for a secondary service that does not currently have your email address. So the design phase is entirely about getting you to connect one thing or another and I’d say it’s succeeded quite admirably in asking for exactly what it wants…

You win. GTFO it is. :slight_smile:

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