iPad Air 2 Giveaway

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Did You Know?
Get 5 More Entries Per Link Share

What does this even mean? It just annoys me whenever I see it. “Did I Know” something which looks more like an instruction than a piece of info? “Get five more entries”! Yeah, but how? Get some “Link Shares”, whatever they are?

It’s not a button, it doesn’t lead to anything else; there’s no hovertext explanation with what I’m supposed to do with this non sequitur. Is it that if anyone links to my link I get five more entires? Can I set up fake twitter accounts to retweet my tweet and get more entries that way? Tell my Google pals to link to me and get more entries? What does it mean?

A 40" tablet?


Stop licking Apple’s bum. They don’t pay their taxes.


“Residents of Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Italy, Austria, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Greece, France, Japan, Spain, and Czech Republic are not eligible to enter or win.”

Oops. Read that after I sent my address to StackCommerce. Also noticed the preclicked, “send me notices about deals, etc.” box just below the big green ENTER button. Double oops.

Why does boingboing.net have a store?

To generate some income and pay the bills?

The real question is, why does boingboing.net have a store that’s so bad at hitting the mark?

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