WIN A $1,000 Apple Store Shopping Spree!

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pretty tacky guys

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Is this actually a Boing Boing giveaway? Will there be actually be a $1000 winner selected exclusively from the entries submitted through Boing Boing store? Is Boing Bing footing the bill?

Or Is this actually a Stack Social $1,000 Apple Store giveaway, with much much lower odds because there is only one winner for all of the combined entries submitted directly to the Stack Social storefront and through all of the Stack Social affiliate stores, including Boing Boing?


The proper usage is WHO IS or WHO’S, not WHOSE. How can Stack Social expct people to sign up for their contests/newsletters/marketing schemes if they can’t catch their own grammatical errors? :thinking:

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1,000 bucks worth of Apple credit
Do a complete tech makeover

Here in Canada that gets you one (1) previous generation iPhone OR one (1) previous generation iPad. It’s merely a down-payment on a MacBook.

Hardly “complete tech makeover.”


Have you ever noticed that about the only things anyone does on a “spree” is to shop or kill.


I just found out that Apple is going to charge me over $200.00 to repair the broken lightning charge port on my phone. Something that should never break in the first place. Questioning Apple quality. So, you know what? F Apple! Keep your self serving promotional advertising Apple “give-away”.

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