Giveaway Alert: Five years of Adobe Creative Cloud

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Anyone enter one of these before? How much of our soul is asked in return?

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If you like BB, not too much but it really is trading a bit of your reputation for the chance at winning something. These giveaways are a tool used by Stack Social to increase social media presence. It works a bit like celebrity endorsements do, where the celebrity’s endorsement boosts the credibility of the product they are pimping, but loose a bit of their own in doing so. It’s a reputation economy.

BB’s ad copy for this latest give away is much better than previous ones, ones that used more copy to incorrectly imply that the contest was local to BB, where the odds of winning would be much greater due to fewer entries. Instead, a single winner will be selected from all of the commingled entries from people entering through Stack Social and all of its affiliates, all of whom are all offering the same prize - literally the same prize, as in only one will be given away between all of the stores. Remember all of the other giveaways? Do you remember Boing Boing showing photos of all the lucky Boing Boing readers who won them? No? That’s why.

$3000 seems like a pretty big prize, and it is. But when the cost of the single prize is divided between all of the Stack Social affiliates, the cost is probably less than $100, possibly much less. But who would spam their friends for a chance at, say, a $50 Adobe gift certificate? Well, I might, if it was actually being given away by Boing Boing, but Stack Social gets more responses by offering a bigger lure with what seem like good, local odds, but really aren’t.


Temporary use of a cloud service. Isn’t that more of a loan than a giveaway?


There is no cloud…

Also, no harps. Really wanted harps…


Harps, or harpists?

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Can’t we have both?

It’s $50 a month, so it would be a gift to my very small business to avoid that cost. I’m still not putting it onto my facebook, and it certainly won’t be my first tweet, so I probably won’t win. Still entered, though.

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