Enter to win a $1,000 Steam shopping spree!

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Well this is worth entering… though not sure how MrsTobinL would take it if I actually won.

Cool! A chance to win a $1000 steam gift card, and all I have to do is sign up and agree to mandatory arbitration and give up my rights to join a class action suit! (see Terms and Conditions for details)

Forced arbitration is bad, except when it’s not? (cc @Doctorow)

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I get your point in terms of general hypocrisy (even though StackSocial seems to be hosting the contest, not Boing Boing themselves), but are you really planning on launching a class action lawsuit based on a free-to-enter contest?

I’d certainly hope not, but the contest requires you to sign up to the website, providing access to data which may include credit card details, and a personal address. If that data was lost or sold by StackSocial at some point in the future, I’d be pretty upset to discover I’d lost my ability to take legal action in exchange for a chance to win a giftcard.


Point taken.


And more importantly, BoingBoing pushes to be a huge proponent of certain ideals, and it is frustrating to fans of the site when they overlook stuff like what he’s bringing up. They should be holding their financial supporters more stringently to things such as this.

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I was wondering how I was going to afford a vr headset OR every single game on steam.

It’s sort of like being offered a million dollars worth of fresh fish - you can only use so much and the rest is just waste because you don’t really have a means of giving it away. The problem is that time is far more valuable/in short supply than the money required to buy games. Although this might be more appealing if I didn’t already have about 200 games beyond what I’m likely to get through on Steam already. (And the total library cost a lot less than $1000.)

Oh I could give things away! I would seriously be happy to use it for gift purchases to the mutant cadre here.

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This contest is humanist. It doesn’t allow robots to enter. Not cool.


Pretty sure I speak for a large plurality of Steam gamers in thinking that this will end up equating to ~$940 worth of games I won’t play because I just bought Civ 6.

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