Get a load of these socks that look like real animal paws


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The bear paw ones caught my eye. Early Christmas shopping has begun…


Remember, you’re not properly dressed if you mix and match.


Wear them long enough and the smell will complete the picture.


If the aim is make a man look wild and sexy (as in ‘sexier’) then the intent could be better served by displaying a part of an elephant instead… and I’m not talking about its face.


Do they have Wolfpaws? I need those in my life.


I dunno, can anyone google actual images of actual human feet in these actual things? cuz the examples look very much 'shooped to me… I can tell cuz pixels. Actually, unless they come with a pre-stuffed round toe area that’s what stood out for me.

It’s a trap! Still for $12 maybe they would be a good gag gift for that special furry someone in your life. Now if they came in thigh high, had a cute little set of… oh just wait until halloween


hmmmm Rusty Blazingoff? RB… hmmmm…
I’ll take a wild guess that Rusty is Rob’s furry name.


Good point. Yes, those pics look like they’re heavily trimmed.


These are annoying. It’s a photoshop mockup of the expected product.
There’s no way to really know what the actual product looks like.


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