Wolf Head crotch underwear "make man looks sexy and wild"


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Codpieces are coming back into fashion, I see.

Can tights and pointed shoes for men be far behind?

eta: and pouffy sleeves, don’t forgot the pouffy sleeves.


Just don’t wear it camping. Wolves are very territorial.


Do these underwear come in Chihuahua (asking for a friend).


Would pug work for your friend?

(this is gonna be a great thread for us 12-year-olds)


The ideal companion to your “spirithood”

Now you can look ridiculous on the inside too!


Perfect with

NSFW Link for them whose image spoilers are broken.


No. I don’t need a wolf to scare women away from my genitals. I can do that on my own!



That’s a little squeak of terror, so that the boingboing god is satisfied that my comment is a little more descriptive.


I’m way ahead of you on that. I’ve always looked ridiculous on the inside.


##“makes man look sexy and wild”


I find it hard - er, I mean difficult - to believe that anything is serious about these.


You don’t think there will be some stiff competition for this product in the marketplace?


It is a potent idea.


having a man’s crotch of my own, and experience with quite a few other men’s crotches, i honestly don’t see how this would work as depicted.


I’m naturally sexy & wild.


Could be BB quote of the day, just maybe.


They aren’t showing the included rolled-up sock.


This why I respect canines more than humans. A wolf would never wear anything as stupid as that.


“Some assembly required.”