Furries don't have sex in fursuits


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Even though I don’t understand the appeal of the furry lifestyle, I’ll be the first to defend them if someone talks smack about it.


I suppose that for some/most definitions of ‘having sex’ and for most furries, that headline would be true.


Methinks the lassy doth protest too much.


Well, that’s a disappointing revelation.



Thank you for posting this! Oh Joy Sex Toy is terrific, and this is a very well done strip.

I’ve got plenty of friends who own fursuits, and none of them have ever had sex in them, to my knowledge. It’d be like having sex while inside a couch. And think about how those suits look; you’d need one custom-made with er, openings in appropriate places. (Which is something that’s done, yes. They’re known by some as ‘murrsuits’. I can’t imagine having $3k-$5k to blow on a fursuit made specifically for sex.)


I wore a mascot suit for a school function for 20 minutes. I wouldn’t have been able to find my penis let alone do anything with it.


With all of humanity’s delightful variations I’d bet there really are some who have sex (or maybe just frottage) in their fursuits. And if everybody consents and it makes 'em happy then that’s all that matters.


I’ve worn a full body suit for a children’s show. It was hell. The instant I got off camera (without having to come back into shot) I whipped off the head, so I could get some cooling. One of the least erotic experiences I’ve ever had.


I think you could have just ended the statement at:

“Furries don’t have sex.”

I keed! I keed!

Poor furries, they are they red headed step child of the internet.


/cancels fursuit order


Or the person arguing with her. Are you an expert on Yiffing? Do tell :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you did there.


I know this isn’t popular these days, but I don’t care if/how other consenting adults have sex…


[quote=“nungesser, post:6, topic:82572”]It’d be like having sex while inside a couch.[/quote]Rule 34, and so on.

[quote=“jamesnsc, post:14, topic:82572, full:true”]I know this isn’t popular these days, but I don’t care if/how other consenting adults have sex…[/quote]But some are determined to make sure you know anyway.


Oh, you have no idea :wink:


People talk about furries and Juggalos in order to get themselves riled up far, far more than I ever encounter them in the wild.


Well there goes that image from the fantasy closet…

Thanks BoingBoing.

As an aside - people who get worked up about this really need to learn how to google - sexuality is wide and varied - furries are in the ankle deep section of the freak pool.


When I was 20 minutes old I didn’t know what to do with it, either.


Yes, but were you, ah, … sweating?

Do you have, uhm, any pictures?

Or video?

or a longer description of the experience? Like, did you have difficulty breathing?