Furries deplatform Milo

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Count me among the surprised.




I was just going to ask why furries would have anything to do with the likes of Yolo Minneapolis in the first place… then I read this line:

SMFH that such poisonous thinking is so fucking epidemic.


You shouldn’t be. There are surprisingly large far-right contingents in any fandom or hobby or category of people that doesn’t define itself by not being far-right.


Bigoted furries.

Something about that just has a hard time computing.


If you really want to blow your mind, there are far-right and white supremacist fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

I don’t know how they can manage that, when the show’s core message is that there’s strength in diversity (of personalities, pony breeds, species, you name it); and friendship, love and harmony are not just morally right but pragmatically better. People are amazingly good at Doing It Wrong, I guess.

Also, appropriate unicorn chaser!


Even as far back as the early 90s, the furry community has had a problem with obsessive toxic acceptance - as a group that saw themselves as persecuted by all (regardless of if that all even knew they existed or cared), they were quite often very aggressively hostile not to “people who are bad”, but rather “people who dared suggest that someone else is bad”. You were more likely to be ejected from their communities for suggesting that the guy who was demanding the murder of all of [group you don’t like] was not welcome than you were for actually demanding that all of [group you don’t like] be murdered.


Funniest description of them I found online

" Beloved children’s cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and fascism: two things that, to your average John Q. Public, would seem to go together about as well as peanut butter and syphilis."

What annoys me most about it is how it ruins my appreciation of hidden Doctor Who references


RE: Right wing furries - yeah - no duh. Hell Hitler was a huge Disneyphile. Every fandom, hobby, interest, or genre is going to (for the most part) have a huge spectrum of political ideologies in it. Trying to separate a group of people into “good” and “bad” based what they enjoy in their spare time is mostly a fruitless exercise.


Don’t google Furzis, you might not feel well afterwards.




Rob had it - furries are mostly white males who see themselves as outcasts from human society and are generally regarded as freaks by it (though not as much as before - furries are no longer the weirdest people on the internet). The fandom is inherently adversarial. As such, these are the same people you’ll find other toxic groups like GamerGaters (large furry crossover there) or other alt-right bozos. There are proud NaziFur groups (and then AntiFa groups to oppose them).

One interesting twist is that furry fandom is heavily gay/bi, but that doesn’t really change things at all. Angry dudes are angry dudes, straight or not, so now you’ve got gay nazifurs and the disconnect is just ignored.


This has officially broke my brain.

So long, internet, time we went our separate ways.


Partly this is bizarre stupidity (apparently they see anti-communist messages in Starlight’s village when there is nothing communist about denying people’s individual strengths). But I think part of it is just the right liking to ruin things on purpose. They want to make My Little Pony into a racist symbol so they can laugh at young girls who either unknowingly wear racist symbols or who lose their favourite thing because of it’s association with racism.

There’s someone around here who posted a four panel comic featuring a clown drinking milk that explains it. I wish I could find it now.


The toxic acceptance thing really nails it. That, combined with people disliking “drama” (read: anything that rocks the boat), regardless of how well-founded the argument is, has resulted in there being a few contingencies of the fandom that are… less than great, let’s just say. Not just the Nazis (though there are inexplicably plenty of those), but also people who are serial abusers who largely get away with it because of the quality of their art. Trying to hold those people accountable brings in a lot of the same arguments used to defend known assholes like Kavanaugh: “why are you ruining his life”, that sort of thing.

It can be exhausting sometimes, but I think there’s been some small amount of progress made over the years in detoxifying the space.


Furry here: Yes, there are Nazi-Furs, we are aware of them. They are a shitty minority and are as popular as a dead ferret.


This dynamic happens is pretty much every “outsider” organization. Of course the same thing with a slightly different flavour happens in every “insider” organization too.


The Geek Social Fallacies have a lot to do with the entryism of alt-right and manosphere types and assorted creepy “missing stairs” into all sorts of geeky niches. This kind of thing goes at least as far back as the amateur sci-fi associations of the 1920s.