Shoe that wraps like a scarf


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Whenever I see people in those toe-exposing running shoes I think of my pinky toe slipping down into a grate in the sidewalk while running and 200lbs x 10mph just ripping it right off.



Those look neat for a quick easy on/off option for shoes with a little more hold on the foot over slipons.
Sadly I have learned I am way better off with good hiking boots for everyday wear simply for the ankle support.


Could be an interesting solution to my wife’s shoes always being too wide or too narrow. But… are these actually for sale anywhere? Googling, all I see is descriptions dating back to last year, but nothing on the actual product’s estimated time of availability.


Fivefinger shoes are so comfy.


Except the test of “easy footwear” is whether you can get them on your feet while carrying a load of trash. Hands free matters!

These look like you have to sit down and wrap them around your feet to get them on.

Flip-flops or anything without a heel are the ultimate in quick footwear.


Yeah but that kind of stuff I find falls right off my feet when I don’t want them to so I like a bit of ability to stay on my foot when I forget how to walk.


Can’t find a retailer for these… where?


With you on this. Slip-on and heel-less shoes feel uncomfortable to me for all but the most causal wear. I like a firm, narrow and tight fit in my footwear. Shoe fitters always try to put me in shoes two sizes too big. Disclaimer: After two seasons in high-performance ski-boots that were essentially a super-tight “race fit” (although I have never raced) my big toe-nails are now pretty manky.


Not only can I not find any retailers, the Furoshiki page on their site doesn’t seem to be functioning.


After watching the product video, I think the shoes are strictly for folks in the adult movie industry.


The image where the shoe is held up makes it look disturbingly organic to me.


I found reference here: Seems to indicate it’s only for sale in Vibram’s Boston store- thought that’s dated from 2014, so… actually, that’s not that far from my work. Maybe I’ll take a stroll over tomorrow.


Looked quite familiar to me…


As an incredibly stupid, gullible white guy, I am naturally eager to get a pair of these shoes as soon as possible. The Japanese-sounding music at the beginning of the video further reassures me that I am the target audience.

I wish I were joking.


“we have such sights to show you”


Oh great! Can you show me this in a 9?


In all seriousness (really? you complain because you can’t put them on whilst holding a trash bag!?), I suffer from gout which means that my normal size 10 foot can swell to a 13 or larger when I have a bad attack. Footwear is an issue for me; even flipflops don’t work, especially during winter (it snows where I live). These would be amazing if they were for real, but as a previous poster pointed out, they don’t seem to be actually available.

I would absolutely buy them if they were, and to hell with the trash bags…


Fuck gout.*

(*and the police, off-topic, I know, sorry)