Shoe that wraps like a scarf

Kind of reminds me of

Right on bro.

I stepped on a lot of shit as a kid. Broken bottles once, open badge pin a few times, barnacles many times (my aunt loves the beach no matter how lacerated I am when she returned me to my parents.), hot cherry off a cigarette a few times, a needle (at the beach! :astonished:).

These days, I wear steel-toed boots 24x7 except for when I’m taking a shower, or in bed. And even then, the boots are always ready, the laces perfectly arranged for the most rapid field deployment, like the way a parachute is packed. In case there’s a fire, or an attack, or the dog barfs.

These days, I wear steel-toed boots 24x7 except for when I’m taking a shower, or in bed.

Are you not often in bed?

Steel toed is a bit much for me. I am currently on my 2nd pair of these which are quite comfy and very very waterproof. Though most days since I commute via 2 wheels I wear some all black alpinestars boots that live up to the you can wear em all day recommendation from the mechanic at Seattle Cycle Center.

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I come with news!
They exist. Sort of.

For sale ONLY at the Boston, MA Vibram store, and $139. They’ve just started making an XL size (my size 43/ 10.5-11 foot BARELY fits in a large). The boots versions show in the video don’t exist yet, though they might for fall/winter 2015.

Observations on wearing on (albeit slightly too small):
Upper is very thin. Breathable, too.
Sole is thing and flexible. Very much like one of their FiveFingers.
Pretty comfy- but the teal I tried on was a bit much for me. Supposedly the all-black and white/denim will be in next week in my size (and we’ll see- $139 is pretty stiff).


As a person with super narrow feet - I am wondering how the fit would work for me ?

Conceptually I really like this idea - though the high tech design nerdery is laid on pretty thick. My ideal version of this would be a shoe with a regular, durable sole that can last through several seasons in the city, be puncture proof, have good traction on ice, while the upper should provide some protection for my fragile toes. A practical utilitarian shoe that would actually fit my hard to fit feet ?

Thats about what I paid for my boots, but they last a good 3 years before I go through the soles which are vibrams. If they take everyday wear for that long they are worth it.

The sole on the current version of the shoes is not this.
It is thin and minimal- intended to mimic the feeling of being barefoot.
The narrow foot part is likely workable- my feet aren’t terribly wide and the seemed to have sufficient adjustment to go narrower. The uppers are stretchy, too.
This is not a shoe with protection or support.

I dunno what sort of life you’d get out of these. Even Vibram will tell you they don’t quite know what these shoes are for- but they thought they were a good idea.
If you walk a lot in the city on pavement, I don’t see you getting 3+ years out of these.

Well any major walking I use the boots for anyway but those looks like a happy medium between shoe and slipper which would be perfect for around the house and a quick walk to the grocery store, coffee, etc. Also for driving if on a long drive as the boots get to be not so comfortable after a bit.

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