Socks for people who don't like socks

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No show socks are what women have called peds for decades.


And if your feet aren’t long enough to give them enough stretch, they just slip right off.


Though some of us don’t have that problem- perhaps another one. Longish and narrow foot.

Still - In honor of their origination- they should be called girl socks.


Socks for people who don’t like socks.


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Don’t like … socks?

That’s like not liking breathing. Socks are a part of life.


Can you get white ones to wear with sandals?


My big problem with this genre of sock is they tend to be too low at the back for most sneaker designs, so I end up with blisters over my achilles tendons. And it especially happens with the stretchier / better kind, because the stretchiness is what makes them retract inside the shoe. So maybe this silicone grip strip is the answer to one of my smallest problems.

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There’s a difference between sneaker socks and no show socks. Sneaker socks are higher which I found out the hard way when I bought a pack and they were visible over a canvas shoe. There are few things I hate more in clothing than the tops of socks showing. Which makes current fashion unbearable to look at.

You probably want ankle socks. I love them for sneakers in the summer.

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holy orders

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