Happy Socks make it cool to be a sock person


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let your personality shine …in the secret place that coworkers don’t see.

But these are socks, not panties.



I need the Stasi to come and organize my sock drawer.


Dang, some of those would make really good sock monkeys.




an office with a straight-khaki dress code

Is this really a thing?


They are referring to underwear. Read it again.


In the military.

I’ve never been active duty, but I’m pretty sure these are against regulations.


You cannot talk about cool socks without mentioning: https://www.sockdreams.com

Those gals are amazing. My husband has size 14 feet, and they found pink and white striped socks for him in his size. I never buy from anyone else these days.


But just to be clear, you still can’t wear these with sandals.




One major issue with the happy socks deal. When I went to redeem the code given it redeems for the price I paid boing boing (24.99) instead of the advertised price (40.00). Opened a ticket.





Socks with flip-flops???



Those look nice. Do they come in white or maybe beige?


I have an especially hard time finding socks and shoes in stores. Anyone who sells socks for size 14 feet and above deserves a signal boost.


OMG! This site is amazing! Thanks for sharing the link!


Army socks are best socks.