I am done, **DONE**, with Target Goldtoe socks!


So you buy three packs, so all your socks should be the same. So when you pack to travel and the lights are out cause you don’t want to wake anyone, you can just grab socks and they should match.

##But nooooo!

The budget gold toes are all different styles in a bag, and different from bag to bag–but they are all still black so in the dark they look the same in the dark!!!

  #damnyougoldtoe !!!


I gave up on matching socks about 35 minutes after I moved out of my parents home. Now I buy stuff with crazy patterns so they look like I intentionally mismatched. I use chaos tho.


That’s what my wife tells me to do. And my retort is always the same, “you want me to wear socks that look like a tardis!?!?

######then I admit it would actually be kinda awesome.


Every year between christmas and new years I throw away about all my socks and start over. Two styles, light and dark.The sockpockalypse is coming.

I reccomend the dickies work boot socks and the timberland casual crew. Decent prices and they do last 12 months of hard livin.


I stopped worrying about matching socks. No one ever notices unless I wear shorts, which is either never or at the gym. Worst case scenario, I figure people will assume I’m some kind of eccentric genius.



If I had the budget for them all of my socks would be from this store > http://thesockmonster.com/
But at $11ish a pair I just get a pair or two every now and then.


I love you froods (@jlw natch included). You get my silly jokes and also come up with solutions to them :blush:


I’ve been known to wear different shoes to work on a few occasions… I must be a super genius!


It’s actually not that hard. You pick a sock and then look for a sock that looks the same. Then you put them together.


I have done this often enough to have bought several pairs of the same shoes, in different colors, and mismatched them as well.

Works well when I’m in a big chucks/vans/campers phase.


Socks don’t look like anything, they look like your boots.


I currently own about 40 single socks. Sometimes I play games like, green for port, red for starboard… or is it the other way around?


Green for port, red for amontillado?


I go for stripes, wild colors and patterns and stuff. Usually I match them. Sometimes I don’t care.

LIfe is short, wear fun socks.


Target actually has stocked some neat socks lately. For a while I got the majority of mine from Sockdreams, which started because I needed toe socks to wear with Vibram Fivefingers and tabi boots. (Which I don’t anymore, but I still sometimes get crazy socks from them.)


Suddenly I understand why ninja dress the way they do.




I have about 20 matching pairs of black Thorlos. One one starts getting threadbare, usually after about three years, I can toss them individually until I notice the pool getting small.