Watch the pure joy of this grandpa receiving light-up sneakers


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He really lit up


He’s so happy. It makes me sad.


Why does it feel sad to you?

I think it’s great that 1) his daughter figured out something he would really like, and gave it to him and 2) he’s thrilled to show everyone in his family how wonderful they are.

It seems sweet to me, not sad.


please please PLEASE tell me where she got them. every time i see a little kid go by in them, i say to whoever is with me, “why don’t those manufacturers realize just how much money they could make if they made adult sizes of those?”

i’ve wanted a pair myself for quite awhile now.



The keywords “light up adult shoes” pointed to a bunch of additional brand and style choices as well.


Came for this, left satisfied (and twinkly).


“shit’s lit fam”


I cried with joy watching this. He sounds like my own grandfather in every way and I suspect he too would have thought la lights were incredible.

10/10 A++++ wonderful thing.


Note the expressions on the grandchildren’s faces: “Oh God. We’re going to be the kids with the crazy grandpa who wears light-up shoes.”


No, the clip was great. It’s me that’s sad.
I saw something that I can’t have (not the shoes).


that is awesome! just what I need to start the day.


Ah…now I understand! They are pretty cool, aren’t they? :slight_smile:


Yeah, he is. So is she.


I don’t know Franko, I always pictured you in a pair of light up oxfords.


I’ve had multiple families, and it’s only my friends who care to really know me and thus are that thoughtful. So I hear you, truly. /fistbump


if they made oxfords with light-up soles, i’d be into that. but hey, sneakers are kinder to the feet when i’m touring the bars, pally!


My grandpa would have been baffled. “I don’t get it- how is this useful? These wouldn’t last one day of farm work”

He would have been more impressed with workboots that light up, for finding mischievous children who are slacking off on chores.


Not everything is about “useful”. Sometimes a lil fun in your life is good too.


[quote=“chgoliz, post:16, topic:92488”]
I’ve had multiple families, and it’s only my friends who care to really know me and thus are that thoughtful.[/quote]
I think your kids will probably be willing to buy you a pair some day, unless they decide you’d spent too much of their childhood paying attention to BB instead of them.