This guy does the best athletic shoe reviews on YouTube, seriously you have to watch this

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This is how I walk to avoid creasing.


His talents are wasted on shoes. He needs to start reviewing HiFi audio ASAP.


This is too well done to be what it seems on the surface. Consider that he only reviews Air Jordans. Consider that this has a very “Adult Swim” vibe to it. Consider the spinning table (shades of HSN there).


Yeah, this was professionally done. I’m wondering who and why, now…

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It’s an ad. Of course.

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Yet, he probably does everything he can to avoid sweating. 'Cuz he likes the ‘clean look’.

the empire strikes back!

I think it’s an ad, and the sucker born this minute was xeni. Happens to the best of us!

I can see a gaggle of unboxing geeks / Nike fanbois totally taking this seriously, just like a pack of audiophiles.


I wasn’t with you until he tried them on.

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I don’t know, his first video was a little too obviously a goof, and it looks like the shoes were delivered to his house and not just handed over.

Did he taste his shoes?

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Only their soul.


“The sole tastes … not great.”

If this is an ad, it´s the most enjoyable one I can remember.


If this is an ad then it’s the kind of ad I hate more than any other because it actually makes me want to buy a pair of these shoes.

And taste them.

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The Dave Bowman Shoe Review

Eating them is about the only thing I would ever do with a pair of shoes like that.


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