Apollo 11-inspired sneakers from GE


Looks like they took most of their “inspiration” from the Supra Skytop II, LX, and Society…

Wow. A super limited edition. I will probably not be able to jump in there fast enough and get me a pair of these horrible horrible shoes. Somebody let me know how they feel, ok? Probably really good, I’m sure.


Are these speakers or sneakers?

Sold. Unless of course the tread pattern diverges strongly from the OG moon boots. In which case this won’t work for my instagram pics AT ALL.


How much could it cost to get a similar-ish pair made by hand, from a real boutique shoemaker? Possibly with built-in heating/cooling of the sole?

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Thank you. Fixed my typo.

Looks more like Chuck Taylor inspired sneakers…

Nice looking but wouldn’t look good on me. I’ll stick to my Adidas GSG9-2s for now.

I thought “looks like it could be cool,” then saw “super-limited edition” and thought, “oh, fuck off.”

I am getting really, really sick of this. I’m just seeing it way too goddamn much.

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GE intends “The Missions” sneakers to draw attention to the advanced materials being developed in its labs today

Wouldn’t selling more than 100 pairs help with this?

Maybe the materials aren’t fully debugged yet.

Limited product runs on fashion items are not at all unusual here in Japan, guess I’m just used to it. What upsets me more is when global sneaker brands don’t have good standardization between countries of non “limited” products. I get that Adidas, Nike, Converse do Japan only models, but it frustrates me that the sneaker boots I wear can be bought in the US and EU but not in Japan and Adidas Japan won’t do special orders on their own product which they used to sell here but don’t any more.

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