Cool, science-themed dresses

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Not… totally sure i’m crazy about the wormhole one. Particularly since one of the wormhole ends is at the crotch… maybe a dress to wear for a not-subtle-at-all romantic evening?

Would probably work better if it was a repeating pattern.

ymmv! I actually like that one the best: the top part makes a (beggin yer pardon, m’lords n ladies) titillating tromp l’ole with the hole/funnel on top of the bust, while the other side of the donut hole seems to thrust, er, ah poke, no no uh rise triumphantly (?) from the lower center area (ok, the crotch area). nm, don’t like that one any more, I’ve ruined it for me…

On the other hand I like the golden section dress as it is somewhat more, uh, understated, ahem.

I like the wormhole one best as well, i just think that the placement is a bit unfortunate. I think a lady can still wear it and pull it off, but i think it’d have to be worn being flirtatious, otherwise know that people will be looking at the chest and crotch a lot.

Nice prints, but I am not crazy about the cut of the dresses.

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I want the periodic table one. Yes, I realize it’ll have to be taken in a little bit around the chest, which is one of the things that prevents me from wearing dresses regularly.


I’m not excited about science-themed dresses not being able to get the direction of the double helix correct. The mirror-image thing is a cool visual, but it means on half the dress the helix is turning in the wrong direction.

I teach all of my bio/A&P students the correct direction of the double helix, along with the warning that now they, too, will be as frustrated as I am by pop-culture representations of it.

I like it, but the fiber content is 83% Polyester / 17% Spandex. If only people could print interesting sciencey stuff on cotton or linen or rayon.


They missed an obvious one. I am disappointed.


Yes, I just noticed that. Ick.

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“Who knows if they’ve got cotton underwear in the future? I’m allergic to all synthetics.”


I dunno. Does this wormhole make me look fat?

Only at velocities approaching the speed of light.


I love a basic sheath dress, but it’s the material I’m wondering about. They look thin, they’re poly-spandex. If you zoom in on this one, you can clearly see her bra underneath.

In a nice thick cotton knit or wool crepe these would be wonderful. But I am not paying $180 for a chintzy poly-spandex no matter how much I like the print.


Try Spoonflower, if you know someone who can sew it. They have a few fabric options.

Oh, I’m a sewer, so that’s not a problem. Is Spoonflower’s printing and fabric selection of good quality?

Sorry, I meant to say “if you sew or know someone who can”. I am really not awake today.

I have yet to order from Spoonflower because I’m kind of obsessive about feeling a fabric before I buy it, but lots of people rave about it. They started out with mostly all-purpose quilting cottons, but now they’ve got nearly anything you could want: Lawn, Faille, Performance knit, even faux suede.

You and me both!

My daughter’s first job was a fabric store (20% employee discount ftw) and her manager used to tease me about touching literally everything in the store whenever I came in shopping. Also, I like to see the proportions on a print. Is this repeating pattern tiny, or huge? Is it going to look stupid on a dress but okay for a skirt? You can’t always tell from a little square swatch image online!


“Time Warp? Put your hands on your hips!”

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