Bug: vanishing SHOW FULL POST view

this has happened to me a few times over maybe the last year. I think I know why it’s happening now. maybe.

  • click show full post
  • seemingly random amount of time passes as I read
  • all text randomly disappears
  • scroll back to top
  • no more show full post button in OP, just the read the post link
  • F5
  • back to normal

I believe this is caused by the suggested topics auto-updating. because I had a notification there for the last thread I had recently commented on.
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Suggested topics does not auto update. It used to many versions ago but that was deemed more annoying than useful.

Do you have a specific set of repro steps on a topic here that I can try?

The button is designed to vanish. Nobody knows why - it is forbidden knowledge. But I have never had the text vanish, maybe because I only click that button by mistake. “Read the Post” is more useful, since it shows everything, not just the text.

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hm, no, but I’ll try to include all the info I can remember below. it doesn’t usually do it, but it happened to me yesterday and a handful of times in the past. guess I was wrong about why.

usually when I load show full post, it behaves normally. I use that feature fairly often, but primarily I read the posts in blog view and don’t usually load show full post again in the BBS. Sometimes I want to refer back or quote the post. Much of my use is because the blog view is sometimes truncated so I need to read in full on the BBS. And I will use it on fresh topics I see that were posted after I’ve left the blog view. So, regular but secondary or tertiary use. again, usually everything’s normal.

yesterday, I used it to read Motel owner spent 30 years spying on his guests' sex lives, considered himself a "researcher"
in full since it was truncated in blog view. I was just about to read the blockquote at the end. my hands were not of the keyboard at all. I don’t recall that my hand was on the trackpad, I may have been using it to scroll. I didn’t click it, though.

–blink-- I’m starring at this area:

i.e. I was where I had scrolled the page to as if I had never loaded show full post, since there weren’t any comments in the thread yet, it was a new thread.

I hit cmd+up arrow back to top: the OP was blank except for read the post. but then I reloaded and had a normal experience.

maybe it’s something I’m doing?

when this happened a few times before, I shrugged it off. I only mentioned it this time because I thought I’d figured out why; i thought it was a constructive report. I had just left the first comment in a different thread. When I saw a notification in the suggested topics that someone else had made a comment to my previous thread, I jumped to the conclusion that it meant that suggested topics had auto-updated; very little time would have elapsed between me leaving the prior thread and the second commenter posting there. so it seemed like it fit as an explanation, but i get the feeling i’ve created a wild-goose chase, sorry.

this is true, but I get annoyed with loading the WP page (which takes time, loading show full post is near instant, on my machine at least) only to backtrack and reload the BBS page to comment. The pictures usually come thru, 85-90% of the time. But if the topic has a video, then I’m forced to read the post since as you point out, they don’t load in show full post.

I wonder if it has to do with new replies to that topic loading dynamically?

dynamically? euh… you’re the expert. sounds pretty dynamic if it knocked other content off the page!

if it ever happens again, I’ll make sure to note all the details immediately and post here again. if you want.

Meaning, you are idling in the topic while new replies arrive.

That sounds reasonable. Last night I happened to be browsing the BBS when @TailOfTruth posted

And when I say when I mean the post showed as less than a minute old. I started watching the video and was only a few minutes in when the video was forcibly reloaded. Looking over the post I noticed an edit notification that wasn’t there before. I’m presuming that the dynamic loading of the edit interrupted the video playback, which might be related to @noahdjango’s problem.


@10:36 am eastern, the same exact thing as the OP happened again in this thread:

my hands were neither on the keyboard nor trackpad, i didn’t mistakenly click anything.

there were 2 or 3 comments in the thread at that point.

it was the first thread I’ve read this morning – haven’t posted anything myself since maybe 1am before bed.

¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯

ETA: it did it again as I was trying to finish the article (it’s one of the longer ones I’ve read here in a while) @10:51 am

I think I figured out what causes this.

Open any topic in the #boing category, and click “Show Full Post”

Like the Topic post - it’ll collapse.

It’ll also collapse if anyone else Likes the post while you’re reading it.


I’ve also observed both of these.


well, that would explain it. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve only experienced this when I was in a new thread that lots of people would be steered to at the same time, so it follows that the OP would be getting the most likes in that timeframe. And, since starting my new job, I haven’t been seeing this bug at all recently, since I’m not home on my unemployed ass reading the posts as they roll in.

great work!

@codinghorror, @sam, uh… couldja… y’know

[man, I totally forgot about this whole thread :upside_down:]


Another example of the tyranny of unlimited likes. Sad!


Actually, I noticed that if I expand the post and then I accidentally touch the post it will collapse (on my phone or tablet–I don’t read on my laptop). If I don’t touch the expanded post, it will stay expanded; even while I’m replying.

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do you have aggregated stats? I’m nearly sure I didn’t change my usage of the like knob and don’t think I receive more likes (without any hard data, though)


I was only kidding.


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