Motel owner spent 30 years spying on his guests' sex lives, considered himself a "researcher"


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considered himself a “researcher”

But in fact is a asshole.


i read the article last week when it came out.

Foos is definitely kind of off kilter; though seemingly not much more then most of us.

I can certainly understand the urge to know whats going on in a theoretical motel if i were running one; but acting on that urge is a whole different beast.

all in all a good disconcerting read.


(he was forced to quit in 1995, when arthritis made it too difficult for him to ascend to his surveillance attic).

Sure he was. The invention that would have allowed him to continue, the “cable,” did not exist until decades later.


He may be an asshole, but he’s actually a criminal and should go to prison.


Well, there is procedure in our legal system, and it isn’t really a bad thing:


They may not be able to charge him.


A few days ago Gay Talese told us there have been no women writers whose work he loved, and now we know why – nuthin’ beats well-researched motel women!


Of course, when the NSA does it, we are assured that they are quite professional, discreet, and only look for people doing bad stuff. The LoveInt scandal was almost reassuring that it was still human beings on the other end of that wire.



The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Cf. Stanley Milgram and many others.


It sounds reasonably plausible, but I am wary of believing stuff on the Internet. This story has been out for at least a few days now. Is the motel still standing? Has anyone gone there and posted pictures from up in the secret attic area?


After the meal, we drove to the Fooses’ house. “I hope I’m not described as just some pervert or Peeping Tom,” he said. “I think of myself as a pioneering sex researcher.” I asked him if he ever considered filming or recording his guests.

“No,” he said, explaining that to be caught with such equipment would have been incriminating, and using it would have been impractical.

The louvres and the ladder were far less so.


I always suspected Steve Carrel was hiding something behind that innocuous gaze.


Let’s not jump to conclusions until his paper is peer reviewed.


So many holes in this. A simpler explanation that fits the observable data: Talese is promoting his latest tedious novel.


By all means, please submit it for consideration.

[note sarcasm]


Birds of a feather.



No one has mentioned the motel in the current season of the X-Files? WTF?