Trump files new challenge to tax returns subpoena

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They better not!!!



Oh, so we didn’t get him.

cue sad trombone

I’m beginning to think Trumpy doesn’t want everyone to see the 1099 forms he gets from Putin.


I don’t get it. Shouldn’t statutes of limitations expire or be paused as soon as an investigation is opened? Otherwise everyone (who can afford it) can draw out legal proceedings with spurious arguments until it is too late?

(Just to make this clear: I know (from this article) that this isn’t the case, I’m just saying it should be)


That creates a different set of problems that statute of limitations are meant to prevent in general. They can simply open an investigation into a matter and use the open ended nature to harass people endlessly. It becomes impossible to meaningfully defend yourself after a certain point because witnesses stop being available.


There’s a saying that holds true most of the time–bad facts make bad law. Giving the ability to disregard the statutes of limitations in cases like this with an unsympathetic defendant also gives the state the ability to disregard them in other cases as well. As @moortaktheundea points out, those statutes exist for really good reasons even if they result sometimes in folks guilty as hell being able to avoid the legal consequences of their actions.

How to outrun the statute of limitations for your crimes: get elected POTUS

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Delay, delay, delay, Lie, lie, lie. Deny, deny, deny. Distact, reject, attack. Blame the dems. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


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