On Trump's tax returns, "Supreme Loser" video tells Trump, "You lost. Bigly."

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Vicious and unsparing. I like it!


I’m a bit bored with videos bashing Trump, as they consume attention but get nothing done in the real world. We all know he’s a sucker, right?

Any ideas why the spelling is “Meidas Touch”, and not Midas Touch?

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from Carla’s post:

MeidasTouch was started by three brothers in March while they were in quarantine, according to Wikipedia. One of the brothers, Ben Meiselas, is an attorney for Colin Kaepernick.

from the Wikipedia link:

The group name and slogan come from their mother and father, combining their father’s last name, Meiselas, and their mother’s middle name, Golden.


Fun fact: trump has ALWAYS hated being called just “don”. ALWAYS. That was the best part" can’t wait to see what’s in those tax returns, don" HAHAHAHAHA!!!


Did he lose though? Did he really lose bigly?

Check the statute of limitations laws on the crimes we think he committed that the tax returns will show in new york state. You’ll find that it’s six years. If SDNY can’t move on it until he’s out of office, then that means the statute of limitations will expire on many things before he leaves office. All we’ll have is the last two years before he became president. And even then, that’s if he loses re-election. If he wins re-election, all the returns will be dismissed as moot.

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Perhaps because:




One thing you can be sure of, statute of limitations or no, is that if Biden wins the election his administration is not going to pursue Trump. It’s one of those unwritten rules - even Trump hasn’t pursued Obama, despite the posturing and the DoJ investigation. And Obama never pursued Bush, despite plenty of opportunity. It is a political decision, since it’s hardly likely to improve unity internally.


Agreed. If Trump loses, the last thing he’ll do before leaving office is a full pardon for him and everyone involved with him.


The Manhatten DA can begin moving now and has said they will resume the investigation. SDNY wasn’t the office at issue in Trump v. Vance. It’s possible there will be an indictment of violations of NY state law before the election. SDNY isn’t having trouble because of Trump trying to block release of his financial records, they are having trouble bc Barr keeps hamstringing thier investigations into Trump allies.


Which is why it is so vital the Manhattan DA be able to subpoena his records. Trump cannot issue a pardon for violations of state law.


But he didn’t completely loose - Congress doesn’t get to see his returns, so his claim of presidential immunity is still in play.

What jumped out at me were two words: “Trump Depression.” May not seem like much, but naming a crisis after him is both logical and ruthless.


Yet, you and all of the rest of us will have to wait. Unless someone is willing to leak them.


Would be even better if they didn’t use “bigly.” That’s one of the things people went on about that isn’t a thing. He’s a fucking moron, yes. But, he said “big league” constantly, not bigly.

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There are all sorts of things that toll (i.e., pause) statutes of limitations. We haven’t had a case testing whether obstruction by the president because he’s incorrectly or falsely claiming executive privilege tolls a state statute, but I bet that will be coming up soon. I’m not up on New York law, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the filing date of an indictment relates back to the date when the state served a subpoena that would have revealed the fraud.


Plus even if he said “bigly”, it’s a real word, (albeit an informal, humorous one) that has been used since the 1800s


We’ll have to see how it plays out, but this is in no way similar to the Obama-Bush changeover (where the crimes alleged were largely questions of policy or exercises of powers that Obama would have sought to use himself), nor the Obama-Trump changeover (where, despite YEARS AND YEARS of congressional and DOJ investigations, no actual crime was ever identified). If Trump and Barr could charge Obama or Clinton with a crime, they would. It’s that simple.

This is a situation where (1) the president is an unindicted coconspirator in a crime for which another coconspirator is serving time, and (2) accused of tax fraud pre-dating his time in office. It’s certainly possible that Biden could forgo prosecution in the name of national unity, but I don’t think it’s the slam dunk you do.


He will have to be convicted of a felony so he becomes ineligible to hold the office of president again. Any felony should do.