Supreme Court allows release of Trump's taxes to prosecutor

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I swear I’m going to wear this image out:

We need to start a betting pool as to which NYS prison Trump and family end up in. Danamora? Ossining?

You’re not going to get to see them, though; the subpoena doesn’t make Trump’s finances public.

At least not yet . . .


My money is on, “None.” He has committed overt, blatant crimes and gotten away scot-free. It seems vanishingly unlikely that this will be the silver bullet.

For that matter, it would be completely unsurprising to me if Biden pardoned the whole lot of them.

Sorry for being such a Negative Nelly.


1 2 3 … QGOP/Trumpets/TGOP/ etc. etc. heads exploding.

P.S. Adios MoFo, next stop is SDNY.


Remember all the crimes Trump was exposed for the last 4 years? heck, his last almost entire lifetime: no criminal convictions. What. So. Ever. Some settled lawsuits, at its worst.

He got away with it all.

Dream on, folks.


You’re not going to get to see them, though; the subpoena doesn’t make Drumpf’s finances public.

That’s fine, as long as we get to see the sleazy bits, the loans from Putin’s tame bankers, and the revelations that Biff isn’t as rich as he claims to be.

Chances are that he and his rotten “Organisation” will plead out to lesser charges once he’s cornered, though. As much as I’d like to see Biff in a jumpsuit that matches his spray-on skin tone, the more realistic goal is probably that this corrupt enterprise is fined out of existence. The likely fate of the real estate company is to be sold off to the Kushner in-laws for pennies on the dollar, while the Former Guy finds new avenues to grift on.



“It should be noted that there is no listed source of an ‘interest payment’ of 250 million in 2019 which appeared into one of several trump Deutsche Bank accounts, as the loan officer involved sadly died of slipping in a pool of Borscht off his balcony”


Forcing more transparency on Trump’s financial crimes is a good thing whether or not he ever sees the inside of a prison cell. We owe it to history—and ourselves—to expose exactly what the hell happened to our country.

We also need to systematically dismantle the lies that Trump and his supporters continue to spew about his qualifications and demeanor. He’s not a brilliant businessman and never was.


You’re not going to get to see them, though; the subpoena doesn’t make Trump’s finances public.

Darn it! Nothing ever gets leaked.


Just use it tastefully… like now.


Cohen interviews make this clear. Literally says it is run like the mob - the commands for dirty deeds are never explicit, just implied. Makes it hard for informants and people flipping to bring charges.


I sincerely hope he calls all of “his” Justices and complains about their ingratitude and lack of fairness. ETA: Any new financial disclosures will be dismissed as “Fake News”. Even though it’s Trump’s documents that he signed as his legal tax returns and to present anything else in court is fraud, he and his ilk will double down on the solipsism.


Which is why people like him are never held accountable their entire life. Even though they are the source of the crime, they have an innate ability to always stay arms length away from culpability.

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The second Trump starts to think there might be actual consequences or accountability he will have a ‘health event’ and will be seen in public pushing a walker and otherwise enfeebled. In the event the consequences go away he will be back in fighting form almost instantly.

If it ever looks like he will actually go to jail I fully expect he will just die instead. That embarrassment will never spend a day in jail. He is, after all, a white billionaire.


Is he, though, really?
If anything, I think his clout for organizing and directing violence and sowing dissent is his biggest value to those who would help him.


I’m gonna open the betting with Ronan Farrow?


Weren’t his finances already leaked? The ones that showed him struggling to find some way to pawn off almost half a billion dollars worth of debt to foreign banks?

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Trump Sing Sing?