Former prosecutor warns Donald Trump: "Justice is coming"

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When justice finally comes and Trump is marched away in an orange jumpsuit to match his complexion, drawing closer to his court-determined fate with each step, oh what a happy day that will be. The birds will sing a bit sweeter. The balmy air will be filled with a delicious breeze and we will all breathe a sigh of relief as we sip our morning coffee, shedding a tear for the innocence that we have lost, but also for the hope that swells within our collective breast. What a glorious day, indeed!


I’ll believe it when he’s behind bars. Men like him don’t go to prison in America.


Two words: secret pardons.

I hear the objection: “But he can’t pardon himself!”

Can’t he? Maybe he can, maybe he can’t. But with the current judiciary I’m not placing any bets.

All the talk of justice for Trump “any day now!” is starting to sound like QAnon idiots still waiting for the arrest of all the Democrats and the installation of King Trump. Don’t hold your breath.


Fingers crossed, but I’m being realistic. The grifter has decades of experience evading justice, was mentored by Roy Cohn, is more than willing to let loyal allies (perhaps including his dimwit sons) take the fall for him, and will now have millions of death cultists yelling “political prosecution” in response to open-and-shut cases of fraud and corruption.


Sorry to break it to you, he will be 6 feet under well before that ever happens, the big stall is in full swing, the kkkpublicans can not have that scumbag anywheres near a courtroom blabbing his head off under oath.


There are no secret pardons. Without the DOJ knowing about them when they were executed, they’d be useless. The current DOJ would know about them if they existed.


I’ll happily accept that outcome as well.


I believe justice is coming for all the underlings - Giuliani, Barr, McGahn, Kushner, possibly even the Trumpling Spawn. But I don’t believe they’re going to prosecute Trump himself. It’ll be deemed (privately) too politically charged.


Maybe, maybe not. Some legal experts agree, some don’t.

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I think that the experts disagree about whether such a thing could be done in theory. In practical terms, there is no way to tell whether a pardon was actually signed while Trump was still in office unless that pardon made its way to the Department of Justice before noon on January 20, at which point it would have been recorded.

ETA: If somebody at the Department of Justice is sitting on a pardon and being quiet about it, there would be no way to determine its veracity without a contemporary record from when the pardon was supposedly signed.


As the song says: “Everbody’s talking about a new world in the morning; a new world in the morning never comes.”


That all depends on the particulars of how such a thing would be filed. It’s entirely possible that the process includes sealed documents being filed away, with no eyes on their contents (they are “secret,” after all). Unless we have BoingBoingers here who work for the JD and are familiar with their procedures, it’s all speculation.

I would love to believe that justice is coming for Trump, but it’s not likely to involve an orange jumpsuit.

Far more likely (and OK by me) is that he spends the rest of his miserable life consulting with lawyers, giving depositions, desperately trying to save what still exists of his finances, trying to provide cover for his disgusting family, and roaming the halls of Merde A’ Lardo desperately searching for someone to listen to him talk about himself.


But if such sealed documents existed, why would Merrick Garland not know about them? And would he not have the authority to unseal them? There would have to be somebody at DOJ who knows about the documents (even if not what they say) and somebody who is authorized to open them. It is speculation, sure, but such sealed documents sound pretty far-fetched at this point.


“Donald Trump must be held accountable for his crimes…” former US Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner says. “And he will be.”

I am not holding my breath. Though I suppose it is good that the DOJ and others are actively working on it. Which means it is a possibility. Unlikely he will see any real jail time… but a possibility.


I’ll believe it when Trump’s skin tone moves to his clothing and leaves his pale Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man form.


You’re probably right, but I’m not counting on it.

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Put your mind at ease, friend. A sitting president can only issue pardons for federal crimes. He can’t do shit about state crimes. And New York (among others) is not going to go soft on him.


Yeah, it’s definitely the state prosecutions I have more confidence in. I don’t really see anything happening to Trump himself at the federal level.