Trump tax returns unlikely to be seen before election after latest court ruling

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After everything that we already know about him, the revelations contained in his taxes would not sway anyone either way.


Remember when he claimed he couldn’t release his tax returns because he was under audit and his fans said “yeah, that sounds plausible”?


Well, he ran out the clock. Not that all the loans from Russian oligarchs and “Cypriot” banks would come as a surprise at this point, and not that they would change anyone’s mind.


Not a single inch. This is all about facing criminal charges in New York after he (dear lord, pleeese) leaves office, which means it is completely immaterial for the next 4.5 months. Nothing will ever, ever, ever happen to him, his family or his goons from the federal level. We let Cheney, Rumsfeld, Lehman Bros, the Bundys and anyone else who has done obviously illegal and nefarious things completely off the hook over and over again. If this nation has any hope left, it is at the state level. Which is also where some of our deepest issues are bred.


I mean, Vance getting the records before the election probably wouldn’t influence the election itself since I’m unsure a state attorney general can indict the President anyways.


Trump’s lawyers argued that a stay keeping the tax returns under wraps will protect him from irreparable harm —

Nice to have his lawyers admit openly that there is something illegal, unethical, or compromising going on in his tax returns.


Me, I think he’s only delaying the inevitable as far as criminal comeuppance is concerned, but the jerk is probably going to die after yet another mini-stroke before they can get him in orange coveralls.

I don’t expect it to change the election by this stage. The polls are unusually stable, as many have already made up their minds.


Nothing to see here…


And it’s not like DAs just dump subpoenaed evidence onto the front page of the NY Times. It’s still privileged access.

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Maybe at this point, they should.


Yeah, bleach it all with sunlight! However, I think that everyone hanging their hopes on a) the public ever actually seeing the contents of the returns and b) it mattering one bit to his base is a lost cause. There is only one way out of this; vote!


So there was no Russia investigation and now no tax returns, great, that’s just great.


Agreed. I doubt even if the docs did get leaked, it would influence his stans anyway…



Even if he was convicted of something you know he’d never serve a day in prison. At most he’d get some fine levied against it which he’d pay by stealing the money from some other source.

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He’s trying to drag this out because he remembers that thing he did to Hillary where he got Comey to announce she was still under investigation days before the election.

Like everyone else has been saying, even if it did happen it wouldn’t make a difference.


You’re probably right. I’m only withholding my heart out of spite.

Ach, who am I kidding. You deserve it for staring into the void. :heart:

We dont even need his tax records.

Michael Cohen was convicted and went to jail for 3 years for campaign finance fraud, on behalf of Unnamed President-1. In a normal, non-bizzaro world, Trump will be facing immediate indictments in NY on Jan 20, 2021 when President-elect Biden is sworn in.

He likely blames the ‘Deep State’ for all of this … BTW, my understanding of the original meaning of ‘Deep State’ is that it has to do with the fossil fuel industry’s insidious yet very effective lobbyist manipulation of governments big and small. Therefore, considering the Trump administration’s increased kowtowing to Big Fossil Fuel, the president seems quite content with wallowing in “the swamp”, let alone genuinely wishing to drain it.

Every moderator for the debates needs to ask him if he lied to the voters when he said he was going to release his tax returns.