Wehere's the 'Show Full Post' Button Gone?


Like it says on the can. Where is it? Is it just me? Wha g’waan?

Ieshia Evans' arrest already "legendary" photo

It’s also missing for me on a Samsung Galaxy s4, default browser. I like “show full post” too. I never go to the main BB page anymore, I check out stories through the bbs.


@codinghorror, que pasa?


Piffed, because it doesn’t work for all posts? I miss it too.


I’m really lazy and I hate the other link because it opens up another tab. Before I know it, I have a zillion (okay, three) tabs and I inevitably close the wrong one.

Or in this case, @codinghorror!

(In case I’m not clear, I like the full post button…Grrr.)


Perhaps done away with in the most recent (last Friday, I think) redeployment of the BBS?

The Show Full Post never seemed to show the whole thing anyway, and I would wind up going to the blog post anyway. I often start in the BBS, and I finally trained myself to just click the Read the Post link in the first place.

Recently in the discussion of the Mermaid tights with scales, there was some misunderstanding because the Show Full Post apparently didn’t show the same images as on the blog.


There’s also an entire thread cataloging the failures of the Show Full Post button.

I had it open in another tab because yesterday Show Full Post started showing “REPORT THIS AD” at the bottom of each post.


Maybe use this https://jsfiddle.net/gwwar/p8zohfcr/ bookmarklet in the meantime? It’ll create an iframe under the “read the post” link. Run this once per BB post thread.


Aye, I was gonna tag you in this, cos I remembered you making a Useful Thing to do that. It was what inspired the ‘show full post’ button as I recall.


The times that “Show Full Post” didn’t work for me are for videos and gifs. If the comments indicated that the video was worth my time, then I’d watch it. I’m a reader and that was feature rather than a bug. I also liked the having the story above just in case there was a comment about something I didn’t remember from the original post.


Exactly. It was useful, I thought.


I heard recently that @codinghorror is on vacation, and may be busy for a little bit.

Happy travels!


I hope it’s somewhere like



No, I haven’t seen him here.


Lemme check down the back of my sofa. If I’ve lost anything, it’s usually there.

Time passes…

Nope. No @codinghorror and no Show Full Post button either.



I’m much less inclined to click on an additional link embedded within a post, if there’s no pertinent content available therein, not more.

Especially given how fond of hyperbole our dear authors seem to be.



The Show Full Post button was glitchy but handy, especially for quoting the OP using the Discourse quote system. I’d really prefer that BB figure out the glitch that prevented YouTube and some other formatting from showing up rather than removing the useful feature.

(No button for me. Firefox 47.0.1 / Mac 10.11.5 )


It should be there!

It disappeared when I updated the list of HTML #div ids to exclude from the excerpt (to avoid it pulling in ads and whatnot) using the admin functions at https://bbs.boingboing.net/admin/customize/embedding


@eviltrout will take a peek at it tomorrow


Not to mention being able to highlight and quote the OP.

ETA: mentioned already