Articles not loading in mobile for some OPs

Granted, these are mostly promotional posts from @frauenfelder, but it’s weird.

Can you elaborate on exactly what you are talking about here? Like step by step?

The problem magically went away? It used to be that after pressing “Show Full Post…” the only thing that showed was the “Originally published at (link)”.

Something like below, but “Show Full Post…” would end up disabled.

I assume it has to do with varying ways contributers post.

Another problem is that if the article showed upon pressing “Show Full Post…”, liking the post de-rendered the article and the “Show Full Post…” button was disabled.

It’s fixed. The de-render still happens, but the show button is functional.

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It just depends on the post markup, this is using a “readability” heuristic. Browsers have similar modes.

So, depending on how it’s posted, it won’t load?

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