Photo of scary man turns out to be something else when rotated


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the dog on the left looks a bit like a melted Bert doll, or a character in an early Peter Jackson film.


Is this picture cheating? It doesn’t look like a dog picture roatated 90 degrees. It looks like someone rotated a dog picture 90 degrees and overlaid it on someone’s face. That’s totally different. Anyone would look scary if they had a dog where their face should be.


All I see is a potato.


Words to live by!


I wish they had let that poor sleeping dog alone. Hopefully he’ll see that picture someday and bite the asshole who took the shot… Shame on someone for making the poor guy sort of accidentally resemble a human…not nice.


In some cases it’s an improvement.


He’s actually quite lovely once you get to know him.


I got a rock.


Putin hacked the picture.


So now we are back to calling people with facial deformities “scary” ??



But when you rotate it, it becomes a “po-tahhto”


“I am not an animal, I am a human being.”


[Rotates 90 degrees]

No, never mind, I’m an animal.


Mitten. I see the doggie now.


I don’t think this was a particularly good example of the “one things that looks like another” genre.

The dog-like nose was immediately visible to me in the first picture (as soon as I tried to see a face there), so when it was rotated, the fact that it was a dog was more “duh” than a surprise.



It doesn’t look like anything to me


Turn it on its side and look at the dark spot near the center. That’s the dog’s head.


Well, yeah!