Some are upset by a photo of a dog with a slice of ham on its face


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I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Troll level: master.


Please PRAY FOR THIS POLICE DOG who was HORRIBLY WOUNDED AND LEFT FOR DEAD by a violent gang of criminals and had to be REBUILT AS A CYBORG.


Doesn’t count as trolling when you don’t expect anyone to take it seriously.


What if you wonder how many will take it seriously despite being this obvious?

Brilliant thing to do, I’d say. :smiley:


One can always expect some people to take it seriously, no matter how absurd the troll.

I troll people all the time, and it’s easy. They know that I have a lot of arcane technical knowledge, so they assume that whatever claptrap emits from my mouth is factually correct. Silly them!


I liked and shared so that 11 prayers right? if I un-select and re-select “like” does it add additional prayers?


I imagine that, if you’re a dog, smelling like ham would be awesome. That’s some sexy dog cologne, is that (though so is dead badger, apparently, if you’re a dog).


Pray for the poor pig, that gave its life to make this canine Hannibal Lecter/Ed Gein Halloween costume!


That dog is “hamming” it up.


Also they are clearly underfeeding that dog because I think so and have no experience with Italian Greyhounds or Whippets.

/Actual observed internet response (in my own words, obv)


It’s impressive that the dog isn’t eating it.

According to some thing I watched long ago about pets Queen Elizabeth Mk I had dogs so well behaved she could put a bit of cake on their tongue and they would not eat it until so commanded.

Since I’ve barely had the patience to teach a dog not to shit on the rug any feat of animal discipline amazes me.


And here I thought the uproar was over the fact that the poor dog had to sit still while there was a delicious treat mere inches from his ham hole that he was told not to eat while his human companion snapped a photo.

But I guess people hate having their prayers wasted. You only get so many each lifetime.


I didn’t share, but I did change my avatar to a slice of ham.



Aside from the dog and the ham, is this sort of treacly spirituality-lite actually normal enough on facebook that it wouldn’t immediately tip the viewer off?

“1 share = 10 prayers”. Like some kind of really pathetic ‘social’ simony. If you take that seriously, there is no hope for you.


RoboCop 4:K-9?

Couldn’t be any worse than RoboCop 3, right?


he appears to be in Portugal on vacation

I hope he brings some lovely Portuguese pork products back for the dog.


Cyberdog? the future of law enforcement!


Gullible empaths such as myself imagine the dog’s pain in vivid detail.

Then we find out the dog was never in pain.

Ham on a dog’s face is very funny, no problem there.

But the joke makes me imagine the dog, imagine the fire itself, the burning of the face, the months of pain and infection and suffering to follow.

The joke makes me think horrible things.

The joke asks me, persuades me, tricks me into suffering as the dog supposedly suffered.

Then I’m supposed to feel better (or something) because the dog is okay?

No, I don’t feel better. I feel worse. Funny ham or no funny ham.

Telling the joke demeans us all.

Even posting a blog post about the joke makes things worse.

This is the kind of small ugliness that is best turned away from and ignored, because the very mention of it perpetuates hurt feelings by contaminating people like me.