UK Prime Minister fucked dead pig at college


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It only says “a private part” - he might have teabagged it…


Why, I did enjoy Black Mirror. Thanks for asking.


As a diligent professional, it would be my pleasure to issue such a correction.


It’s dated tomorrow, but here’s a pull quote:

Drug use aside, the new account also claims Cameron was a member of the notorious Oxford dining society, the Piers Gaveston, which held bizarre rituals and sexual acts. An unnamed MP alleged during a June 2014 dinner party that there was photographic evidence that Cameron once inserted his private part into a dead pig’s mouth.



…And here we all thought that episode was fictional!



This is actually rather interesting. Typically such rituals are developed as both a way of forming a bonding experience and as a form of leverage over members. Similar to the mafia requiring lower level members to perform certain crimes before they can be trusted. These are “social crimes”, but the same concept applies.

So, the interesting bit here is not the fucking of dead pigs per se, so much as the bonds of at least one such privileged and exclusive group apparently unravelling. May many more follow suit!


Maybe they took their inspiration from Lord of the Flies. My English teacher insisted that the boys in that story used the pig’s body sexually. Perhaps they had the same interpretation.


I loved those over-serious English teachers. So literal.

And that kind of theory explained so many things between the lines. How could it not be right?!


I dunno… this just depresses me, actually.


I wouldn’t put it past those little shits. “Sucks to your assmar.”


From the perspective of an authoritarian, he has first-hand evidence that people are vile and need strong laws and constant surveillance to keep them under control.


Yeah I don’t think even Malcolm Tucker could fix this one.


Is this better or worse to you, than the Geronimo’s Bones fiasco?

I’m not arguing anything, I’m curious.


I dunno, isn’t “Fuck the Pigs” a popular sentiment these days?


But it came from a good family.


I was Prime Minister of a whole nation for Christ sakes, but you fuck one pig and that’s what they remember you for!


Classic Irish/Scottish/Australian/Kiwi joke.