Why is it so easy to believe that the UK super-rich have sex with pigs?


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Maybe it’s that the rumors of a ring of pedophiles encompassing people at the highest levels of government were shown to be understated according to the police
Maybe the Hellfire Club has something to do with what we think they might be up to

Honestly, they seem to flaunt it.


The complete lack of a denial also does make the whole story more believable.


There’s an interesting piece by Damien McBride in the Guardian today on what the spokesman didn’t say.


Is Britain Ruled by a Secret Pig-Fucking Cabal?

Apparently the answer is YES.


The daily mash, as usual has a couple of funny headlines about it (can’t link as my phone is being a dick)


Doesn’t “the aristocrats! joke” address all this?


I kinda mildly object to listing civil servants in there. Civil service covers a lot more than the mandarins in Whitehall. Hygiene inspectors, maintenance guys, office clerks on 15k a year are civil servants.


Wasn’t this nearly the exact plot of the “National Anthem” episode of Black Mirror, 4 years ago?


Hey, it was the 80s. Everybody harbored private fantasies about fucking a pig back then.


No, in “National Anthem,” the PM was actually reluctant to have sex with a pig.

“…The Aristocrats! No, seriously, they’re actual aristocrats.”


I gotta admit, my first thought was “that’s gross” and my second thought was “so how does this impact his policies?” Because of all the reasons to find Cameron distasteful, this seems pretty low on the list. Weird, bizarre, gross – all the hallmarks of a wierd, bizarre, gross initiation – but not really important.

Rather, this is Kardasian-level news. It’s Honey-Boo-Boo news.


Why is it so easy to believe that the UK super-rich have sex with pigs?

Because they’re inbred elitists?

Regarding “inbred” I’m speaking in the literal sense. There are quite a lot of UK politicians that got a certain “british” politician physiognomy. I can’t put my finger on it but euansmith expressed it admirably with his post in similar thread ( and the associated picture).


Almost. The PM in that episode got to fuck a live pig. Which (I imagine) is somewhat less disgusting than what really happened.


Did Morrisey write this article!?


not if we all know about it.


Snowball was pretty egalitarian.


Why is it so easy to believe? Because we’ve all heard stories of weird fraternity hazing rituals, and one expects pretty much EVERY well-connected politician/business person to have participated in SOMETHING along these lines… And frankly, sticking one’s dick into the mouth of a dead pig sounds pretty tame by comparison to some of the hazing stories I heard when I was in university (in first year, the guy in the dorm room across the hall from me was on the football team).


Cameron, Osborne and Johnson are not the super-rich. By the standards of US billionaires, they are poor.
That’s actually part of the problem; they think they ought to be as rich as the likes of Bill Gates because they are so obviously superior in every possible way. They try to dissociate themselves from the rest of us. It’s like Boris Johnson’s claim that being paid £250k a year by the Barclay Brothers to write a column in the Torygraph1 isn’t much money at all, but he then tries to get people worked up against the train drivers who are paid a fifth of that.

1 I very strongly deprecate any suggestion whatsoever that this might in any way be in the nature of a bribe to keep championing the cause of tax avoiders.


I don’t think that there is a seekrit ‘skull & bones’ type society with a pig’s head initiation rite. The Piers Gaveston Society is a real thing at Oxford. Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piers_Gaveston_Society for more details. It has a membership of 12, and doing iffy things was not the initiation rite, but the whole point of the society. Most of our PMs have come from Oxford, and there is probably a fair chance of more than one having passed that way. We only got to hear about this one because he accepted money from a rich guy with the apparent promise of a plum government post (allegedly) and then failed to deliver.

Apparently Ian Hislop was a member of the PG club too. It will be interesting to see how ‘Private Eye’ takes this.

Much more worrying to my mind is his active and enthusiastic support of the Bullingden club - that exposes Cameron for the sociopath he clearly still is.