Woman faces 10 years in prison for giving water to pigs on a scorching summer day

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When in doubt, error on the side of compassion.


I haven’t read TFA… Did she spray down some cops with a fire hose?


If this is the same guy, he does not do well with pigs and water…


YEAH, a LOT of water!!!

drowning 2000 pigs in the sea…


I know it will not be a popular post, but based on my HACCP training she jeopardized that whole load from being able to be used for human consumption. If the driver and owner truly were abusing these pigs, beyond what they already put these poor animals, they should be brought up on charges.

I think an analysis should have been done on the water she gave and a stern lecture on why it was not a bright idea to do this would have been enough.


If that driver called the cops thinking she might’ve hurt those pigs, he’s really gonna freak out when he’s told what’s gonna happen to them after he drops them off.


I can’t look at you 'cause you taste SO good.

What? Hog trailers don’t have water fountains?

It’s about a 75 minute drive from the farm to the processor. Anita Krajnc approached the truck while it was stopped at red light. These animals weren’t just sitting in a parked vehicle, they were en route.


Let’s say for the sake of argument that this is correct (though I doubt it) I think a prison sentence is a little harsh.


It was not a scorching summer day.

According to weather underground the minimum temperature that day was 65 °F and the maximum was 79 °F. I heat my own house to 65 in the winter and I cool it to 80 in the summer. This was room temperature according to the conditions I am willing to provide for myself.

Is it so hard for journalists to spend a few seconds to fact check? It was a beautiful day in Canada. Not hot. Not scorching.


Wait, this woman rolls up to a truck at a red light in the middle of the street? That’s crazy. I don’t think she deserves jailtime but that’s just kind of nuts.


“Eric Van Boekel, who owned the pigs, filed a police complaint the next day.”

Even in Canada they have the “Dooshbag of the Year” award, this ahole deserves it big time.


Well to be fair, those temperatures from Weather Underground were from the airport, and I don’t know where the airport is. So I looked for a weather station in the downtown area near the slaughterhouse. And many of those stations don’t have data for June 22, 2015. But this one does, and the temperature there with all the asphalt and stuff got up to 83.8 °F, which I think some people might think is warm. But the pigs were on a mostly moving truck with the breeze blowing through the ventilation holes.

I think they drank the water because it was offered. Most people will drink from a glass of water if it’s placed in front of them. Thirsty or not.

I think it wasn’t hot or scorching, and those pigs were not thirsty.

I think the lady is a little crazy for standing on a traffic island so she can pour water for pigs and tell them she loves them.


Nah, she deserves that.
She jeopardized his entire herd of pigs. Who knows what was in that water indeed?
You cannot just randomly mess with food animals. Unless you know, you’re trying to disrupt the food chain on purpose… which she likely was.


Those “pigs” will never vote for you, ever.


Thats ok, I won’t have voting, I’ll rule by benevolent dictatorship.


Oh, then you’ll want those “pigs” on your team, really.


What is this? Animal Farm?
Nah, think more like Galadriel.


A “Matriarchy” without bacon will never work, think about it.

PS. Next time you meet a thirsty pig, give’em a bowl of H2o…

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