Suspected animal abuser in Brooklyn park was just man roasting guinea pig at barbecue area

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Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie…


I ate a guinea pig at an Ecuadoran restaurant in Baltimore once. Looked a lot like the picture accompanying this story. I remember playing with the thing’s little head toward the end of dinner… I really should track down the photos my buddies took.


Meanwhile I bet plenty of people roast pigs of non-guinea variety on those public grills without raising any suspicion whatsoever.


I don’t understand why you wouldn’t take this opportunity to show the adsmorshable outfits in which South Americans dress up guinea pigs before they devour them




My mom ate this local delicacy on a trip to Peru.

Now my husband’s favorite put down is, “Your mother eats guinea pigs!”


If you choose well, you can have a thriving toupee business on the side.


Guinea pigs do look like they taste good.

People are full of contradictions about animals and I don’t leave myself out. If someone hurt my cats I would make them regret ever having been born, yet I routinely eat pigs who were murdered for my dining pleasure.

I’m as OK with this as I am be with any meat eating as long the man did not acquire the animal on the pretense that he or she was meant to be a pet.


This sort of highlight that the difference between “abuse” and “food” can sometimes be ill defined. Logically, abuse is abuse, no matter the animal, but I suspect your average Western omnivore sees a significant difference between killing “food animals” vs killing “pet animals”.

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I hear cuy is pretty good.

And capybaras, along with beavers, were considered fish by the Catholic church so they could be eaten on passover.


I eat meat, yet I love my kids’ guinea pigs, way better than pet rabbits. It makes me sad that an attractive social animal who will not even bite in self defense would be slaughtered, then I remember lamb.
I completely get vegans, I identify most with a friend from college days in Oregon, she was vegan except wild animals she had personally killed with a high powered rifle.

The guy in the story sounds like he was lucky for not getting zapped or otherwise abused by a racist cop. A friend from NYC used to get his pet guinea pigs at the South American market where you could pick your dinner like from the lobster tank so the concept of cuy might be more familiar to cops there.


Since I eat chicken and fish (actual fish, with gills and whatnot) I can’t logically explain why I wouldn’t eat a capybara, but I just couldn’t bring myself to take a bite of an animal that cute. I’d eat the corn instead.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’d share the corn.


I’m as OK with this as I am be with any meat eating as long the man did not acquire the animal on the pretense that he or she was meant to be a pet.

…how does that make a difference, exactly? It’s not like animals that are acquired for non-pet purposes do so consensually. Are people that abuse children they legitimately adopt morally worse than people who abuse children they buy from traffickers with the explicit intent to abuse?

Or was that bit not so much an attempt to explain and legitimize your inner contradiction, but rather to illustrate how brazenly illogical and contradictory (omnivorous) peoples’ thinking about this tends to be?


By “Passover” do you mean “Lent”?

Whoops :smile:

Heh, and my wife is Catholic to boot.

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You realize in his home land, they are giants in size and one probably ate one of his family.


Complete and utter tangent: when I was 20 years old, I quietly asked my devout mother in law an earnest question, “…does the Pope really shit in the woods?”

Hilarity ensued.


Well he is an animal abuser - but no more or less than anyone else who eats meat.


There was a petition being circulated by some of my friends on FB which demanded to ban some Chinese festival that featured eating dog-meat. I was really divided on that because while I know many of those friends have dogs and view them as family- though many of them aren’t vegan, I felt I would be a hypocrite condemning people across half the planet for eating one kind of mammal while I gleefully eat other kinds.

I don’t see the mere act of eating animals as ‘abuse’, since it is an extremely normal part of nature and of being an animal. That said, I agree that the maintenance, management and killing of our preys ought to be done humanely and responsibly. I can totally endorse pressing for wholesome living conditions of livestock, the banning of hunting/eating threatened species, promoting a diet of mostly plant-based sources, etc. But just yelling at people because the meat they eat happens to be more fluffy and sociable (supposedly) than your own meat doesn’t make any sense to me.